Is Detailing Your Car Important?

detailWe all know the importance of oil changes, rotating your tires or a tune-up.  But do you think of detailing your car as maintenance? Detailing rejuvenates your car and gives it a showroom look.
Should I use a professional to detail my car?
A professional auto detailer will use a systematic approach to clean your car.  With specialized equipment they are able to clean areas you can never reach.  They know what cleaners to use on your vehicle.  Never worry about harming your surfaces with home cleaners.  
We have invested thousands of dollars in equipment that will ensure an beautifully cleaned car! It would take you hours of hard work to get your car as clean as we will!  You will never be embarrassed again when someone rides in your car.  Food and drink spills, dirt from the kids or pets will be gone.  Your interior will look and smell great!
Do I Need To Clean My Engine Too?
Cleaning the engine will clean off dirt and dust which will allow it to run cooler.  If you need to take your vehicle to a mechanic it will be clean and easy to see.  Cleaning the engine will keep any oils from splattering over the inside keeping it looking like new.
Does Detailing My Car Increase the Resale Value?
If you are diligent about keeping your car detailed it will be much easier to get it ready for sale. There will not be set in stains or issues you were not aware of.  The appearance of a vehicle has a great deal with the resale value.  People feel if it’s been taken care of with detailing more than likely the car has always been cared for.  
The Best Part of All?
You never have to leave home!  Our mobile detail service will come to you!
Call ICC Collision Centers Mobile Detail & Spa Service at 714-444-3100
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When it comes to cars, We often judge them based on their exterior color and finish. At ICC Collision, We incorporate multiple layers of highly specialized paints when restoring your vehicle after an accident. Using only the newest technology available, This ensures that each vehicle’s finish matches its original factory color and texture. After ICC Matches and selects the color, we then prepare your vehicle for paint by sanding and applying primer and sealer. Finally, your vehicle is baked, leaving behind a super high gloss finish that is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty… Yes, that lasts forever!

When choosing where to get your car painted the clear choice…
ICC Collision Centers.. with 7 locations in Arizona and California to serve you. Just visit us on the web to find the location nearest to you.

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Answer is Easy … when it comes to your car breaking down, or for any of your automotive needs for that matter,

the experts at ICC Collision can help you out of a bind in the most hassle free way possible.

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