The Most Common Causes of Auto Collisions


During the Summer more people are on the road.  Traffic is heavier and we travel greater distances.  All of this extra time on the roads increases our chances of being involved in a collision.  Statistics show young drivers are more likely to have a collision but it doesn’t make the rest of us immune.  We share the roads with drivers young and old and we can all be affected by the mistakes of others.  ICC Collison Centers wants all of us to come back alive so here are some of the common causes of collisions.

Being distracted while driving

Cell phones, texting while driving, eating and passengers are all common distractions.  While some can be totally eliminated (texting, cell phone and food) others cannot, such as passengers.  If you have small children you know it is impossible to not be distracted at least a tiny bit.  Crying, temper tantrums or fighting amongst siblings is not something you can just ignore at will.  Sometimes the best you can do is pull into a safe location, address the situation and then resume your drive.  Cell phones, texting and eating while driving is easily avoided and there is never an excuse to do them while driving.  Remember it is not just you on the roads and if you have a collision chances are you will involve at least one other vehicle.

Taking risks

Ignoring traffic signals or speed zones, changing lanes without using signals or checking blind spots all are considered “risky behavior”.  The difference in risky behavior and distracted driving is choice.  You make a choice to drive in an unsafe manner whereas distracted driving is often the result of ignorance.


Most of us speed occasionally but teens do so at a much higher rate.  Teens don’t have a good sense of how a cars speed can affect their response time.   On average teens drive faster than all other drivers as a whole.  In 2008 studies show that 37% of fatal crashes with 16-20 year old male drivers involved speeding.

Driving under the influence

As long as there has been cars on the roads there has been a problem with driving under the influence.  The laws nationwide have become harsher for drivers over the limit.  During the holiday season this is a major problem.  We all know when we have had too much to drink.  There is no excuse for anyone to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.  Call a taxi, a friend or a parent but do NOT get behind the wheel drunk….period!


Following too closely seriously reduces your response time.  It makes the driver in front of you uncomfortable and is an all-around bad idea.  If the driver in front of you has to break quickly chances are you will not have enough time to stop without colliding into the back of their vehicle.  99% of the time you will be deemed at fault and will be ticketed.  This is a common error teenagers make.  Statistics show female drivers between the ages of 16-21 are more likely to tailgate compared to drivers over the age of 22.

Driving drowsy

Driving when you are extremely tired can be as dangerous as driving under the influence.  During the holiday season when we are all on the go to family gatherings or company parties we are all tired.  Knowing when we are just too tired get behind the wheel can save not only your life, your passenger’s lives and the lives of countless others on the road.

ICC Collision Centers has several locations to serve you if you do have a collision.  Our goal is to not only be here for you if you vehicle needs repairs but to educate you in the common reasons collisions happen.  If we all take a few moments before we get behind the wheel to determine if we are ready for that trip we could save thousands of lives.

ICC Collision Centers wants you to know the dangers of driving at any time of the year.  Do your part this summer season to make our roads a safer place.  Pay attention and always be alert!

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10 things to Check before your Road Trip!


Everyone loves the Summertime.  We have the freedom to drive to different places and explore unknown areas. Going on long Road Trips seems to be something almost every family does together at one point or another during the hot summer months.  But before you leave, you will want to make sure you have taken care of all of the following, so that you don’t get stranded.

 1.  Car Battery

Clean any corrosion build up, and test the cold cranking amps and voltage output to make sure it is at or above the batteries specs.  If below specs, the battery is probably on it’s way out and should definitely be replaced.

2.   Tires

Check pressure for manufactures suggested pressure.  Also look for any damage to the sidewall dry rotting or cracks and/or foreign objects in the tread.  If you find damage or foreign objects in the tread, the tire should definitely be replaced.  Tires that are over 10 years old or have excessive dry rotting should be replaced.

3.  Spare Tire

Even though your spare tire gives you piece of mind, you may want to make sure that it is in the proper condition to be used as a “spare”.   Check the spare’s Tire Pressure as well as the outside of the tire for any damage.  Make sure the jack and lug wrench are functioning properly.  If your vehicle is not equipped with a spare tire, make sure to have a backup such as a spare tire flat kit.  Also make sure that the kit is not expired.  Yes, they do expire.

4.  Fluids

Before leaving on your trip, check to make sure all fluids are at top levels.  Just don’t overfill them.  Make sure to include the oil, transmission, power steering, coolant and windshield washer fluid.

5.  Check Belts and Hose for any Signs of Cracks or Leaks

6.  Check and Make sure the Horn functions Properly

7.  Lights

Make sure all Lights on your vehicle are functioning.  This includes the turn signals, brakes, headlights as well as hazard and interior lights.

8.  Make sure you Windshield does not have any rock chips or cracks

9.  Windshield Wipers

Make certain that the Windshield wipers are functioning at 100% capacity and their cleaning ability is flawless.

10.  Front Bumper

Make sure to check for any obstructions in the grill as well as under the front bumper.

These are just the basics when it comes to auto maintenance prior to a roadtrip.  Depending on the make, model, year and condition of your vehicle, some of these may or may not apply.  Regardless, before venturing out on the road, the most important thing you can do for you and your passengers is make sure that they are safe.  Once Safety is addressed, the Road Trip should go pretty smooth.

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, just make sure to Enjoy!

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Fuel Saving Tips



Are not likely to drop in the next year, but even worse, their sudden spikes mean your gas tank can quickly drain your wallet.  The good news is that you can take several steps yourself to actually make your car more efficient.


The more weight in your car, the more fuel it will burn.  So try not to carry heavy items in your vehicle while driving.  Lighten the load by taking anything and everything you don’t need out of your car.


Take it a tad bit slower on the highway and you will actually save on fuel as well as become less likely a victim of getting pulled over for speeding.


When driving at slower speeds, you should roll down the windows instead of using the AC.  This way you can cool yourself with the breeze of fresh air from outside to save energy.


When it’s time again to change your tires, try the fuel-efficient models.  These tend to use less energy while driving.


Rolling resistance is added when your tires are under inflated, and will burn more fuel.  Check your tire pressure often.


A clogged air filter restricts the air flowing into your engine, which will hinder the performance.  Replace your air filter and add up to ten percent more fuel efficiency while driving.


Redlining your RPMS burns a ton of fuel.  However, accelerating slowly will also decrease your fuel economy.  Cars perform less efficient in lower gears, so you want to accelerate at a pace that allows you to upshift at a more efficient rate.


Not only will a tune-up keep your car running in tip-top shape, it can also increase the efficiency of fuel in your car between 4 and 40 percent.


Try to plan the day out by hitting all the stops in one single car ride.  You can reduce the time & distance you spend on the road everyday by simply strategically planning your chores in a more efficient manner.


It actually takes more fuel to get a car moving than to keep it moving.  So whatever the pace, just keep it steady.

ICC Collision Centers hopes that we have given you enough information to at least reduce the fuel efficiency in your car a little bit.  Remember, a penny saved, is a penny earned.


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Driving During the Super Bowl


In 2003 a study was performed by the University of Toronto to see if collisions increase after the Super Bowl. Shockingly it uncovered there is a 41% increase in motor vehicle collisions in the hours after the Super Bowl.  The first hour after the game is the worst with the accident rate jumping a whopping 70%.  This study compared accident data from 27 Super Bowl Sundays from 1975 to 2001.  While they did not that there was a 10% decrease in accidents during the game itself and assumed there are less people on the road at that time.

ICC Collision Centers understands how exciting the big game can be.  Especially if “Your” team in playing.  Super Bowl parties are everywhere and most have some kind of alcohol.  As always ICC Collison wants our customers, families and friends safe on the road.  ALWAYS have a designated driver, just in case that one drink turns in to several, or “Your” team wins the big game.  Keep these statistics in mind after Super Bowl parties or any party you attend this year.

The New England Journal of Medicine noted that the largest rise in accidents occurred in the home states of the losing team.  Those accidents increased by 68% after the game and only 6% increase in the winner’s state.  In the so called “neutral” states the crashes increased 46%.  With this amount of accidents of course the fatality rate increased.  The fatality rate went from 17 to 24 on comparison Sundays.  Injuries went up from 1,300 to 1,900 with crashes topping 4,000 up from just under 2,000.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that drinking during the game, driver fatigue because of the hours before during and after the game add up and disappointment among drivers whose teams lost all contributed to the increase in accidents.  Even those fans who do not par-take in the drinking portion of the parties are still as risk because of distraction while driving.  Replaying the game with all the highs and lows with passengers in the car can distract the driver, causing accidents.

ICC Collision wants all of our customers to have fun and celebrate exciting events such as the Super Bowl, but you must do it responsibly.  If you do find yourself in an accident with a drunk or distracted party goer give ICC Collision a call.  We can tow your vehicle to our shop, repair your car back to its former glory and get you back on the road.  We have several locations in Santa Ana, LA, Culver City and Torrance, CA and are always here to help!!  Just give us a shout!

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Should I drive on a flat tire?


Having a flat tire while driving can be a pretty scary thing.  It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and wreck.  Maintaining your tires and checking on them is an important part of your vehicle maintenance. 

Being a collision repair shop, we see what happens when tires blow out while driving.  ICC Collision wants our customers happy and safe.  Education is the best way to prevent preventable accidents.

If you have a flat tire while driving, obviously you need to slow down as safely and quickly as possible.  A lot of people would not change their own tire on the side of a busy high way, they would prefer to call a service to help.  The most important thing is get to a safe place to stop as quickly as you can.  If you continue to drive the tire will shred and pieces of the tire can flap against the wheel well and damage the vehicle.  You also risk destroying the rim and will need to replace that as well as the tire adding significantly to the overall cost.

How far can you drive on a spare tire?

Most cars have the manufactures spare tire or the “doughnut”.  Their intended use is to get you safely to a place to replace or repair your tire. Read your owner’s manual to see the exact specifications for your vehicle.  They are not recommended to use at highway speeds and usually are rated for about 70 miles.  It is really important to get the tire fixed as quickly as possible.  Remember that is your spare and you only have one. 

A flat tire doesn’t mean it has to be replace.  Depending on what caused the tire to go flat will determine if it is a replacement or a repair.  If it is a puncture it most likely can be repaired.  A tire technician can usually quickly put a plug in the hole, have it sealed and back on your vehicle in no time. 

ICC Collision Centers want all of our customers safe.  We know accidents happens but if we can help save one person from a preventable accident it is all worth it!  If you do end up in an accident, we have several locations to serve you! 

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