10 things to Check before your Road Trip!


Everyone loves the Summertime.  We have the freedom to drive to different places and explore unknown areas. Going on long Road Trips seems to be something almost every family does together at one point or another during the hot summer months.  But before you leave, you will want to make sure you have taken care of all of the following, so that you don’t get stranded.

 1.  Car Battery

Clean any corrosion build up, and test the cold cranking amps and voltage output to make sure it is at or above the batteries specs.  If below specs, the battery is probably on it’s way out and should definitely be replaced.

2.   Tires

Check pressure for manufactures suggested pressure.  Also look for any damage to the sidewall dry rotting or cracks and/or foreign objects in the tread.  If you find damage or foreign objects in the tread, the tire should definitely be replaced.  Tires that are over 10 years old or have excessive dry rotting should be replaced.

3.  Spare Tire

Even though your spare tire gives you piece of mind, you may want to make sure that it is in the proper condition to be used as a “spare”.   Check the spare’s Tire Pressure as well as the outside of the tire for any damage.  Make sure the jack and lug wrench are functioning properly.  If your vehicle is not equipped with a spare tire, make sure to have a backup such as a spare tire flat kit.  Also make sure that the kit is not expired.  Yes, they do expire.

4.  Fluids

Before leaving on your trip, check to make sure all fluids are at top levels.  Just don’t overfill them.  Make sure to include the oil, transmission, power steering, coolant and windshield washer fluid.

5.  Check Belts and Hose for any Signs of Cracks or Leaks

6.  Check and Make sure the Horn functions Properly

7.  Lights

Make sure all Lights on your vehicle are functioning.  This includes the turn signals, brakes, headlights as well as hazard and interior lights.

8.  Make sure you Windshield does not have any rock chips or cracks

9.  Windshield Wipers

Make certain that the Windshield wipers are functioning at 100% capacity and their cleaning ability is flawless.

10.  Front Bumper

Make sure to check for any obstructions in the grill as well as under the front bumper.

These are just the basics when it comes to auto maintenance prior to a roadtrip.  Depending on the make, model, year and condition of your vehicle, some of these may or may not apply.  Regardless, before venturing out on the road, the most important thing you can do for you and your passengers is make sure that they are safe.  Once Safety is addressed, the Road Trip should go pretty smooth.

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, just make sure to Enjoy!

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Tips for packing your car

Going on a trip or moving into a dorm?  Need to fit a LOT of stuff in a small space?  Being prepared is half the battle.  First thing you should do is completely clean out your vehicle. Take out everything that is not needed on the trip and all trash.  This will save much needed space. 
What are you taking?  This is where prioritizing is very important.  Do you really need to take that oversized teddy bear or blanket?  If it’s the key to get that toddler to sleep then YES it’s important!  If not then maybe it can stay behind this time.  If you are moving then it may be of more importance to bring it.  If you know for sure you will need an item then it needs to go in the pile that has to be packed.  Prioritizing is important, so put important things in first.  Suitcases, boxes or duffel bags go in first. Breakable things or things you may need to reach on the trip goes on the top.   
Start putting the pieces together and fitting things in, rearrange if you need to but take your time and make sure you don’t leave anything out! If you have clothes on hangers, leave them on the hangers and lay them over the top of everything else.  After all you will be just hanging them right back up when you get there!  If you have something important that you will need right when you reach your location, pack it in a bag or box marked “pack this last”.  This will keep it all together and you will be able to easily get to what you need. 
Don’t forget the snacks!  Save time and money by bringing food with you!  Snacks, drinks and/ or sandwiches should be easy to get to.  When it’s time to eat pull over and stop at a rest stop or gas station.  This is not only safer for you and other on the road, but it gives you time to get out and stretch your legs.  Fresh air and moving around will give you a “second wind”.
Road trips, either for vacation or relocation should be fun and exciting!  Proper planning can make all the difference!
ICC Collision Center hopes you have a safe trip!

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