Open Your Checkbooks Scottsdale, It’s almost Barrett-Jackson time

When it comes to American collector car auctions, none are more famous than the Barrett-Jackson franchise.

For over four decades the company has been helping collectors get their hands on highly sought after and highly priced machinery.

Although auctions now occur in Las Vegas, Reno and Palm Beach, the Grand-Daddy of all them is still the original Barrett-Jackson

event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ready for its 43rd iteration, some of the most exclusive and expensive automotive history will

once again cross the auction block starting this coming weekend (January 12-19). Here are the top ten vehicles we’re most excited to see at the upcoming Scottsdale auction.

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Top 10 Performance Cars We Drove in 2013

It has been another busy year at the AutoGuide office. Once again we have driven and evaluated hundreds of cars this year ranging from the Mitsubishi Mirageto the Dodge Ram to the Rolls Royce Ghost.

We love testing cars and will test anything we can get our hands on. However, every once in a while we come across a car that is something special; a car that separates itself from the over-populated crowd and wins over our automotive hearts.

These here are the top ten vehicles that stuck in our minds. They may not be the fastest or flashiest cars out there (though most of them are), but long after we had to return these press vehicles, we were still longing for just one more drive.

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ICC Collision Centers

3131 Standard Ave

Santa Ana, California

$300k Ferrari run over by delivery truck backing up


A Ferrari is crushed by a truck on Oct. 30, 2013 in New York City.

By Emily Christensen-Flowers, NBC News

If you think you had a bad day at the office, check out the misfortune of one delivery truck driver who accidentally backed into a $300,000 Ferrari FF on Columbus Avenue in New York City on Oct. 30. The driver of the Baldor Foods, Inc. truck told bystanders he “didn’t see nothing” as he put the truck in reverse, crushing the hood of the extremely streamlined FF model. Fortunately, nobody appeared to be hurt physically. And, in case you were wondering who was behind the wheel of the Ferrari, it wasn’t the owner, but a paid driver. Hopefully both gentlemen can smooth things over with their bosses.

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Audi RS3 spy shots foreshadow an ultra-hot hatch


Not all vehicle prototypes and mules require heavy camouflage – sometimes they can be hidden in plain sight. That’s probably what Audi was hoping for while testing its new RS3 wearing S3 duds, but thanks to some visual and audible telltales, our spy photographers were able to recognize this as a precursor to the marque’s ultra-hot hatch testing near the Nürburgring.

Our photographer noticed the signature exhaust note of a five-cylinder engine, which suggests the RS3 could borrow its motivation from the excellent TT RS. Producing at least 340 horsepower, this 2.5-liter turbo power plant could be the perfect answer for the new A45 AMG from Mercedes-Benz. The big brakes on this RS3 mule give us our best idea about the car’s high-performance intentions, with Audi RS wave brake rotors and six-piston calipers peering out from behind the over-sized wheels.

In production form, the RS3 should have a much different appearance from what you see here, with sportier design cues including oval-shaped dual exhaust outlets and a more aggressive front fascia. While we’re still waiting for our first taste of the S3 in the North America, we’ll be holding our breath for the RS3 to make its way here, as well.

Auto Sales Tail Off In September But Outlook Still Good

Posted: Oct 01, 2013- By: AOL Autos Staff


Auto sales were still strong in September (Ford).

Auto sales, a key driver of the U.S. economy this year, fell off in September by 4 percent to the lowest rate since April. But there is still plenty of good news in the numbers.While overall sales were down 4.2 percent in the month, it is also true that there were peculiarities in the August and September numbers that skew the results. writer Jim Henry points out that automakers counted sales from August 1 to September 3 because of a quirk of the calendar, and September sales reporting only ran from Sept. 4 to September 30. There were only 23 selling days for dealers in September versus 25 last year, noted

The good news is that credit has become easier for consumers to get, and the average age of the American fleet in consumer driveways is still over 11 years. That means there is still a lot of aging metal in American driveways that needs to be replaced.

Ford and Chrysler both reported strong months, up 5.8 percent and 1 percent respectively, though GM posted a drop of 11 percent in sales. GM executives said the automaker lost some sales to a shortage of its all-new Chevy Silverado pickup truck and pointed to still-strong demand in the marketplace. Ford capitalized and posted a 9.8 percent increase in sales of its F-Series pickups.

A stronger home-building and remodeling market is driving sales of new pickups.

Toyota’s sales dropped 4.3 percent, while Honda’s fell 9.9 percent. Nissan’s sales fell 5.5 percent. Hyundaireported an 8 percent drop in sales.

Automakers said some consumers appeared to be delaying their purchases. One reason could be that with Congress and the White House squabbling over the budget, Obamacare and the forthcoming debt-ceiling debate, there is creeping uncertainty about the impact of a government shutdown or prlonged stalemate on those political issues on the markets and economy as a whole.

“After consistently experiencing year-over-year sales gains in 2013, we definitely felt a market pull-back during the month of September,” said Dave Zuchowski, executive vice president of national sales at Hyundai Motor America.