Self Driving Cars: The Future of the Automotive Industry


So I’m sure you have heard all the talk about driverless cars and also heard the views of those who are against the prospect of a computer being in control of the machines we love so much.

Are we really going to trust that artificial intelligence will get us where we need to go and do it in the safest manner possible? I can tell you that we are on the verge of that prospect being reality. But have you ever stopped to consider what life with driving might be like? Imagine for a minute what your morning commute might be like if you were able to actually do work on your way to the office. Instead of fighting traffic, what if you were able to start your workday before you get to the office?   

Gone will be the days of road rage and morning collisions which only make your commute longer. Imagine sitting in your car office and getting actual work done. Sit back, relax, and let the car do the driving. Think about our cars communicating with each other and no longer will we need to give the car in front of us adequate breaking distance. Our cars will be able to run closely together in front and behind virtually eliminating traffic jams. The human element will be gone and we can let the computers do the talking. Family trips will actually be fun when the whole family can spend quality time together instead of Mom or Dad being stressed out of making the wrong turn or missing an exit. Soon we will just enter our destination, and the car will do the rest.  There is no doubt we are closer than ever to this being a reality.

In the meantime people will continue to get into car accidents, and when you do, ICC will be right there to fix the damage.

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Shine Some Light on Headlights











What is your preference when it comes to headlights? LED or old school halogen?  With so many alternatives what have you decided works best for you? Here are some comarisons in terms of performance, price and safety. ICC Collision Center whats you to make an educated decision.  Here are some comparisons:
Light to light
There are a few important differences in light that is produced by LES’s, xenon and halogen headlights.  The LED’s have the coolest color temperature at 6,000 kelvin, that is what makes them appear whiter than daylight. Xenon is around 4,500 k, and halogens around 3,200k which is why it has the yellowish appearance.
The halogen has the smallest light pattern that looks like a blob of yellow right in front of car. Both xenno and LED’s have a large pattern of ligth o the road. If you are to buy a new car today expect it to have the LED.
When considering relection, LED give a better ligth return from road signs, xenon lamps illuminate the road sides better.  Xenon lamps typically produced more ligth. If you want the brighest ligth and glare is not a concern then xenon might be the best choice.  LED’s offer low power, long life and a great light.  But all this greatness comes with a larger price tag. 
Old faithful
Halogen ligths are still most popular and found in most vehicles.  These lights produce a significant amount of heat.  When replacing them always use gloves as even a small amount of skin moisture on the bulb will affect their performance.  Benefits of halogen bulbs?  Longevity and low replacement costs.
Also known as high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. These ligths produce a brighter light than halogen with much less heat.  The blue-white light is so bright it has been known to “blind” oncoming drivers. They require a large amount of power to produce their first burst of light, but once light they require much less energy to maintain a constant brightness.  Xenon cost less than halogen and emit little heat with a long lifespan.
Newest technology on the headlight market, LED’s rely on small diodes that produce light when elecctric current excites their electrons.  Although they need low amount of power but produce a large amount of heat on the diode.  This requres heat control system at the bottom of the headlight.  If the cooling system fails not only the light will be affected but other electronics could be affected.
Make a decision based on what works best for you!  ICC Collison Center wants you to be safe and comfortable.  Look for what works best for you but just remember you have to be able to see and be seen!
Have an amazing Week.  Cheers!

Always carry these items in your vehicle when traveling

September, the days are shorter and the nights are a bit crisper autumn is on its way.  It doesn’t matter what the season, accidents happen any time of year.  But the change of a season is a great time to set aside a few minutes to make sure you have everything you need in your vehicle should you have an accident.  ICC Collision Centers wants to be sure all of our customers are safe, so here are some tips of things you should always have in your vehicle.  Here is a list of the 10 most important things you should have in your vehicle no matter the season.
  • Insurance information & vehicle registration- very important when dealing with the law or if you have an accident.
  • Flashlight & spare batteries- There are many reasons to have a flashlight in your vehicle! Break downs, flat tires or other late night adventures.
  • First aid kit- just a basic kit will work, you most likely won’t be doing surgery. Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, aspirin & gauze can come in very handy!
  • Jumper Cable- Obviously if you need a jump chances are no one else has them in their vehicle. Be prepared and always have a set in your vehicle.
  • Tool Kit-a small set of wrenches, duct tape, crowbar, strong adhesive, Swiss army knife are all good ideas. You can add what best fits your tool box needs.
  • Tire repair kit/spare tire & gage. Tires are important so having a spare or a repair kit is very important. 
When traveling add these items:
  • Food & water- if you travel a long distance prepare for a break down or being stranded. Keep plenty of bottled water, energy bars, nuts, jerky and any nonperishable food.
  • Warm clothing as well as waterproof boots and coats. A hoodie or jacket, a throw blanket or anything to provide protection from the weather is advised. 
  • Extra cash- You never know when an emergency can happen, needing extra cash for a tow or a room for the night.
  • Cell phone and charger- anymore this needn’t been mentioned since no one walks to the mailbox without a fully charged cell phone. Just in case, always travel with fully charged cell phone and bring along that charger! 
That is a good solid list of items to have in your vehicle when traveling and some items that should always be in your vehicle.  ICC Collision Centers wants you and your family safe each and every time you hit the open road. 
Should you find yourself involved in an auto accident, and happen to be located in arizona or california, give ICC Collision Centers a shout.  We will take care of all your collision repair needs!
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Summer Driving Tips

Soon school will be out for the summer and it will be time to take the family trip. Whether you are taking a road trip or sitting in traffic in the hot summer sun, your car needs to be ready.  Have your vehicle serviced regularly, check the tires, fluids and the lights.  Here are some tips to make summer of 2015 a safer summer:
  • Always have a first aid kit in your vehicle.  
  • Dont text or talk on your cell phone.
  • Don’t program your GPS while driving.
  • Share your driving with other passengers to avoid fatigue.
  • Rest-driving while drowsy can be fatal.
  • Schedule your trips to allow for frequent breaks
  • Stop for food and beverages, avoid eating while driving.
  • Don’t drive while angry- aggressive driving kills.
Buckle up every time, every trip!
  • if you have a flat tire, engine problems or a fender bender, drive out of traffic lanes and off the highway if possible. Highway shoulders are not safe for repair work.
  • Always use a designated sober driver.
  • Report dangerous or drunk drivers to 911.
  • When outside temperatures reach 101 degrees the interior temps can reach 140 degrees.  Cracking a window does not allow enough air in to properly cool the vehicle.
  • If you see a unattended in a hot vehicle, call 911!  
  • If you have a small child place your cell phone, purse or other important item needed at your next stop on the floor in front of the child in the backseat.  This triggers adults to see the children when they open the door to reach for their belongings.
  • Set an alarm or email reminder to remind you if you took the child to daycare.  Have a plan that if your child is late for daycare, you will be called within a few minutes.
  • Always make sure children do not have access to keys or remote entry devices.
  • Always walk around the entire vehicle before backing out of any drive.  
We at ICC Collision Center want you and your family to have a fun, safe summer!  If you are in a summer fender bender or major accident, we are here to help. With 7 locations to serve you, we are just a phone call away!  

Green Driving Tips for your Car..


Gas prices generally go up during the spring spring season, but fear not, Car Care Month is right around the bend. Here are a few spring clean-up suggestions to optimize your vehicle for the very best gas economy this spring:
Inspect your Car’s Tires
Wheels/Tires are very important to your overall fuel economy nevertheless they are one of the most neglected vehicle pieces. Getting correctly inflated tires on your car boosts your car’s overall efficiency & also increases your fuel consumption by up to 3.3%.
Check your fluids
With time, your car’s essential fluids deteriorate because of heat variations throughout holiday adjustments. The 5 vital fluids your vehicle must have constantly are the generator oils, transmission liquid, braking system water, antifreeze/coolant as well as your windshield wiper fluid.
Check the Brakes
In case your automobile makes squeaky or mincing noises once you hit the braking system, it shows the requirement for braking system assistance. Be sure to get the braking system padding and rotors looked over whenever you go for the tune-up. Your generator works more efficiently when your braking system is in good shape.
Is Your Battery Old?
The longevity of a car battery is normally 3 years based on the weather as well as your driving practices. The easiest way to examine your battery is through electrical tests which is offered by most vehicle merchants. To ensure maximum battery power circumstances, have your electric battery tested each and every time you have an oil changechange
Check your hoses and belts
After a while, your hoses and straps come to be fragile and damage because of temperatures adjustments and insufficient maintenance. Make sure to get your hoses and belts checked for signs of wear and tear as well as holes. A simple thoroughly clean-up can certainly make it easier to identify any signs of wear and if connects need refastening.
Whether you have a new or used car, getting professional vehicle inspection will keep your car dependable and enhance its gasoline productivity this spring. Planning typical maintenance inspections will help you prevent greater repair fees down the road
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