Are Used Cars Reliable? Here’s a few you can count on


The single most important factor in deciding on a car is reliability .  Regardless if what your vehicle needs are, you definitely don’t want one that will cost you lots of xtra money or frustration in unexpected repairs. 

We’ve taken a look at the last 4 years of Vehicle Dependability Study results, covering years 2010 through 2013, to find cars that have won  awards and offer strong dependability on the used market.


The Honda Fit debuted in the U.S. for the 2007 model year, and its trademarked Magic Seat®, an extra-flexible system that allows this subcompact hatchback to carry way more cargo than most competitors (even if that cargo is long or tall), got lots of press.


The Chevrolet Malibu is the first of a the of GM vehicles on the list.  The Malibu’s success in the Midsize Car category in 2 consecutive years stands out, given that the competition was tight ; the Malibu has consistently fought off the likes of the Camry (won in 2014), the Sonata (won in 2013), and the Accord. This is impressive given that the Malibu underwent a significant redesign for the 2013 model year.


The chevy camero is an iconic muscle car has spent most of its life locked in battle with competing American muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.


Next on the List is the Buick Lacrosse.

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