Auto Collision Scams

In previous articles, We have discussed when involved in a collision, what to do and who to call (ICC Collision Center) as well as what to expect during the repair process.  Education is important and this also pertains to alerting people to collision scams. This is a new scam that can be quite surprising and can catch you off guard.  Here is the scenario:


I was driving through the parking lot, looking for that perfect spot!  There are a lot of cars in the parking lot and it is taking some time to find a spot let alone the perfect spot!  I look to my right and there is a vehicle that has either backed in the parking spot or has pulled through from the spot behind. Just as I drive past that parking spot the parked vehicle pulls out into the side of my vehicle.  With a loud crash she plows into the side of my car!  I am furious!  I get out of my car and this young woman starts yelling that I need to give her my driver license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration!  She is loud and yelling instructions to me, telling me it’s the law that I turn over my personal information immediately.  Then another car pulls in front of me and an older woman gets out.  The young woman calls this woman mom and says, “Mom she is refusing to give me her information”.  I said to both women I am not giving anyone my personal information and I was going to call the police.  As soon as they saw me calling 911 both women got in their vehicles and left the scene.  When the police arrived I explained to them in detail what had happened.  I was shocked when he wasn’t shocked!  He said it was a new scam people are using. If you give them your information they have your home address, your vin number!   The officer reminded me that a person should NEVER give your personal to anyone in this situation.  Swapping information for insurance is one thing but to give them YOUR driver’s license, vehicle registration is totally out of the question!  Always, always call the police when in a situation such as this! 
ICC Collision Centers want our customers safe!  We understand collisions are scary and you have enough on your mind and that is why we answer all of your questions just ask!  You can check out our Q&A on our Questions page or give us a call.  With several locations to serve you we are always close by!
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