Should I drive on a flat tire?


Having a flat tire while driving can be a pretty scary thing.  It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and wreck.  Maintaining your tires and checking on them is an important part of your vehicle maintenance. 

Being a collision repair shop, we see what happens when tires blow out while driving.  ICC Collision wants our customers happy and safe.  Education is the best way to prevent preventable accidents.

If you have a flat tire while driving, obviously you need to slow down as safely and quickly as possible.  A lot of people would not change their own tire on the side of a busy high way, they would prefer to call a service to help.  The most important thing is get to a safe place to stop as quickly as you can.  If you continue to drive the tire will shred and pieces of the tire can flap against the wheel well and damage the vehicle.  You also risk destroying the rim and will need to replace that as well as the tire adding significantly to the overall cost.

How far can you drive on a spare tire?

Most cars have the manufactures spare tire or the “doughnut”.  Their intended use is to get you safely to a place to replace or repair your tire. Read your owner’s manual to see the exact specifications for your vehicle.  They are not recommended to use at highway speeds and usually are rated for about 70 miles.  It is really important to get the tire fixed as quickly as possible.  Remember that is your spare and you only have one. 

A flat tire doesn’t mean it has to be replace.  Depending on what caused the tire to go flat will determine if it is a replacement or a repair.  If it is a puncture it most likely can be repaired.  A tire technician can usually quickly put a plug in the hole, have it sealed and back on your vehicle in no time. 

ICC Collision Centers want all of our customers safe.  We know accidents happens but if we can help save one person from a preventable accident it is all worth it!  If you do end up in an accident, we have several locations to serve you! 

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