Does the color of your vehicle reflect your personality?

When buying or painting a vehicle do you always choose the same color?  Have you always owned a red car or a black one?  Do you ever wonder what the color of your vehicle says about you?  Well here at ICC Collision we found it interesting to see that the color of your vehicle actually says something about you.  Does the color of your vehicle reflect your personality?
Black: This describes luxury- you want people to view you as affluent in society.
White: Fresh, young and modern! You want to tackle the world.
Gray: You do NOT like to stand out in a crowd.
Red: Sporty, confident and fun! Center of attention!
Silver: High-class with an eye for the upscale.
Blue: Stability and trust.
What happens if you own your vehicle for a few years, you still love the car but the color is not “you” anymore?  Bring your beloved vehicle into ICC Collision Centers and make a change!  Either freshen up the old dull paint or change it up completely!  The sky is the limit with color changes.  Keep in mind a complete color change includes the interior as well.  A re-paint can make you feel like you have a whole new vehicle. 
A dull or cracked clear coat can make your vehicle look tired and old.  Freshen up that old jalopy and feel like you’re driving a brand new vehicle!  Custom paint on your current vehicle can be a much cheaper way of getting the “new car feel”, without having a new car payment!
Contact ICC Collision Centers has years of experience in color matching and re-painting.  Freshening up your paint can be the easiest way to get a new car feel.  Which color would you choose?  What color reflects your personality?  Are you a sporty confident person or one who wants to blend in with the crowd?  Whatever fits your personality we can help you find it!  Contact ICC Collision Centers today and make a change in that old tired looking car!