Before the Auto Accident

If you have ever had an accident you know how hard it is to think.  First you make sure you and your passengers (if any) are okay.  Then you check to see if the other driver is okay.  Sometimes there is traffic buzzing around you and this adds to the confusion. Emotions are running high and it is just hard to gather your thoughts.  At this moment you don’t need to add to your stress by trying to figure out who to call to tow your vehicle or where to have it towed to!  Just like we have our insurance and registration in our vehicles we should always carry information about our body shop.  ICC Collision has several locations to serve you so we are always close by.  With our number in your vehicle you only have to call one number for towing and our guys bring your vehicle right to us!  
During the holidays we are in our vehicles a lot more.  With more traffic it means more chances of an accident. 
Before you hit the road make sure you vehicle is ready for the trip.  General maintenance on your vehicle will keep you on top of how it’s running.  It’s always a good idea to have your car looked over by your mechanic prior to a long road trip. 
Check your tires.  If you are due to get a set its best to do it prior to the big trip.  The most common break downs are flat tires.  Be prepared.  Have a spare and the proper equipment. If you do not know how to change a tire (and are physically able to change a tire) you should learn. 
Check your windshield wipers and fluid.  You never know what will get thrown up on the windshield while driving down the highway.  Having good wipers and plenty of fluid can be a lifesaver if your visibility is reduced. 
Before you go on a trip make sure you have your insurance information, registration and ICC Collision Centers phone number 855-348-1309!  We will tow your vehicle and help you work with the insurance company.  From start to finish, ICC COLLISION CENTERS has you covered!   
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