Repainting your Vehicle

If you like your vehicle and want to keep it, but may be a little bored of the color, then you can change the color paint!  This can give you almost a new car feel. Seems simple enough right?  Well before you run down to Maaco or Charles Scheib for the cheapest paint jobs around, consider you get what you pay for. ICC Collision Center can take care of your auto body needs as well as new paint jobs.  Changing the color of your vehicle is a big job and not an area to cut corners.   There are a few things you need to be aware of when changing your entire car color.


  1. Have to Remove Everything- To completely change the color of a vehicle everything has to come out of the vehicle. We at ICC Collision Center knows that to do this job correctly that is the only way to get a quality job done.  Seats, console and dash all come out.  Cheaper shops skip this step and this is why quality shops charge more, this is a labor intensive process.
  1. Can Be Expensive- Because it is a labor intensive job, it can be expensive to change the color of your vehicle. You want a paint job that will last you for years you need to spend the extra money and go with a quality shop like ICC Collision Centers.  Our experience and technicians ensure you are getting what you pay for!
  1. Takes a Lot of Prep Work- As with any job to do it right you must have good prep work. If you vehicle has any dents or any other imperfection we need to seal them and then smooth them out.  The clear coat and wax will all be removed, the old painted surface is scuffed up before priming which could take more than one coat.
  1. Finally – It Can Take a Long Time to Finish- Because of the time it will take for prep work, removing everything, repairing any imperfections, and the paint job itself. We know you want your baby back as soon as possible but you also want quality. 
ICC Collision Center understands the connection with your vehicle.  Looks are important and that is why you know that we will return your vehicle looking better than knew!   
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