Before you hit the Road.


You already know how to avoid an accident. You always use your turn signals, you keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Heck you are the perfect example of a safe driver, yet here you are in an accident! Not your fault but yet here you are! Pieces of your car are strewn all over the street. Your beloved car is broken. The most important part is that you are okay! They say that is the most important part but it doesn’t help the feeling you have when you see your car in pieces. What do you do? Who do you call?
Those are actually questions you should ask BEFORE the accident. Be prepared and know who you would call in an accident. What is your plan? Where do you have your vehicle towed too? Just like you should have an emergency plan in case of a home fire or any disaster at home you should plan for an accident on the road.
ICC Collision Center is well versed in accidents and we know how traumatic an accident can be. Take this information to heart and be prepared before the accident. Have our phone number in your phone so you don’t have to scramble to find our number in the midst of the accident scene.
Allstate reports that on average a driver is likely to be in a car accident every ten years. That’s a bit scary huh? You can take the uncertainty out of the accident by having a plan.
Before you hit the road
Before you hear the screeching of tires and broken glass it’s a good idea to get to know your state laws when it comes to car accidents. Does your state assign liability in traffic accidents or are they are no-fault state? Make sure your insurance coverage is what you want/need it to be. Check to see if your insurance offers rental car coverage. Do you have road side coverage?
Once the accident happens
Okay first and foremost, don’t panic! Just breathe, are you injured? Make sure you check to be sure. Is anyone else injured?
Minor damage so you can leave right? NO! Do NOT leave the scene of the accident! This can lead to legal charges against you if you leave the scene of the accident. If someone is injured and you leave the scene additional charges can be brought against you. So DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE!
Don’t get feisty with the other driver. The police will handle the situation and write any tickets that are warranted. Do not cause more issues by arguing with the other driver. At this very moment it doesn’t matter whose fault the accident was. What matters most is everyone is okay.
Make the right call
If it is minor damage and no injuries call the police (pro tip; save your local police number in your phone so you have it on hand). If it is major damage and/or personal injury call 911!
Do not admit fault (there could be a lawsuit so admit to nothing) Do not blame yourself or the other party.
Use your phone to get pics of the scene. Your car and even their car. You may need this later if there is a lawsuit. Get any witnesses contact information in case you need them to support your claim in a court of law.
Again make the right call, call ICC Collision Centers! Be prepared before you get on the road. Collect the appropriate phone numbers and add them to your phone. Keep your cool and be safe on the roads.
ICC Collision Centers handles accidents all the time but we know this is all new to you. We can tow your vehicle and get the repair process started right away. Our experience and knowledge can help but your mind at ease during a very difficult time.

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