Don’t forget about your Tires after an Auto Collision

shutterstock_140950111Tires are important, they are the only part of your vehicle that has direct contact with the road. Tires affect your ride, breaking, handling and safety.  To ensure optimum performance, tires must have the right air pressure, balance & and alignment and tire depth. 
ICC Collision Center wants our customers to be safe.  We not only provide quality safe repairs we provide tips on how to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. We are always close by with several locations to serve the community.  We have towing services as well so we can pick your vehicle up, work with your insurance company and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  Here are some tips for maintaining proper tire safety:
Check your tires on a regular basis- This is an important step in protecting you and your vehicle.  Driving over potholes and debris or if you drive long distances your tires can go through a lot! If you live in a cold climate or put a lot of miles on your vehicle you should check your tires more often. If you plan on a long road trip always check your air pressure and over all appearance of your tires. If you find a problem it is easier to fix it now before it becomes a big problem along the roadside.  
Things to look for on your tires:
  • Under inflation- Too little air pressure causes the outer edges to contact the road creating uneven ware.
  • Over inflation- Too much air pressure causes the middle section to contact the road and causes uneven ware as well.
  • Raised portion of the tread or side-wall- May indicate that one of the belts has separated from the belt next to it.
  • Erratic tread wear- This could mean the wheel is out of alignment.
  • Tread ware on the edge of tire- Can also mean out of alignment.
When you’re driving- Problems to look for
  • Car pulling to one side- If you seem to be fighting the steering wheel at a steady speed this can indicate a damaged tire. If the tire is okay then check the alignment.
  • Vibration or thumping noise- The tire could be flat or out of balance. Stop in a safe location as soon as possible
ICC Collision Centers wants is very concerned with the safety of a vehicle while driving.  Don’t take a chance on bad tires, especially after an auto collision.   As with anything on your vehicle, after a collision, your tires tend to be an often overlooked problem.   As you can Imagine after having a really bad collision, the bodyshop may be most concerned with fixing the major and more important parts of your vehicle.  Our suggestion is to bring this up during the inspection phase.  Because insurance companies want to pay the least possible, a tire is certainly not a focus area.  So simply ask them to please check to make sure the alignment is good and all tires are capable of normal driving.  This will allow the insurance adjuster to make note of the tires and hopefully get them fixed if needed.
If and when you ever get yourself into a small or large auto collision, you can count on ICC Collision Centers to help.   
Don’t have much time to come in and get an estimate?  No problem.  Use our free online estimate tool to get a general idea of what your costs would be.  


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