The Munster Koach!


Since we just had Halloween we thought it would be fun to highlight a special vehicle.  The Munster Koach! 
The beloved, strange family first aired on TV in September 1964 and ran until May 1966.  There was only one “Munster Koach” made for the TV series and feature file.  The Munster Koach is the family car use by the Munster’s and was filmed in over 20 episodes throughout the series.  The Munster family car was also seen in the Munster, Go Home movie using different wheels.
The show’s producers contracted George Barris to build the Koach.  Barris paid $200 to Tom Daniel to design the car and had it built by Barris Kustoms.  The original drawing of the car was supercharged with a hood scoop and thin, round disk lights. George Barris chose the ten-carburetor setup with the ten air horns & lantern lights.
The final Koach was made from three Ford Model T’s and was 18 feet long.  The brass radiator & fenders as well as the 133 inch frame were all made by hand.  It has a “blood red” interior and Gloss Black Pearl paint.  The front end had a dropped axle, split radius rod and T springs, featuring a custom hearse body.  The entire project took over 500 hours to complete.
An unauthorized reproduction was built on speculations & given to Mr. Barris but he declined to purchase it.  The original was auctioned off in 1982 with oversized gas lights and totally different wheels and tires.  Two years later Mr. Barris wanted a Munster Koach for the Hollywood Christmas Parade so he had Dick Dean build a second authorized Munster Koach. This particular Koach was restored in the summer of 2011 with new black pearl paint, new b rass lantern lights, cheater slicks, torque thrust mag wheels, the dummy crank removed and later sealed and a smaller skull radiator cap.  They did not have Bobby Barr Headers so there was a wide opening where those headers were on the original.
The rear slicks were Firestone elven-inch pie crust slicks.  There were five walnut blocks between the spokes of the mag wheels in the back. The Astro mag wheels were painted red just on the outside of the five spokes.  In the original Koach there was never a skull radiator cap, that didn’t come around until later.
The original Munster Koach has never been restored, while the unauthorized model as well as the second authorized model have both been fully restored.
ICC Collison Centers hope you had a safe and fun Halloween and enjoyed a little history on the Munsters Koach!  If you find your Koach needs some repairs we have several locations to serve you and your little monsters!