Halloween is just around the corner!

What a fun time of year, pumpkins everywhere, ghosts and goblins looking for a sugar rush!  Great family time as you walk through your neighborhood and building memories.
ICC Collision Centers wants you and your kids to be safe during this time of year.  On the national average 30 kids die each year on Halloween.  ICC Collision Centers wants you and your kids to have fun on Halloween but be safe as well.  Here are some tips for driving safely during Halloween. 
Most trick-or-treating nationwide runs between 4-8 pm.  Check the schedule for your area.  Even if you don’t have little ones if you are on the road during those times you need to be aware.  Statically most sever vehicle/young pedestrian collisions happen. 
Drive slowly, don’t pass stopped vehicles – The driver might be dropping off kids and they may run across the street.
Put your cell phone away!!!  Avoid distractions, wait until you have stopped to call or text!  This is not a negation for obvious reason!!
Watch for kids darting out into the street.  Going slowly will help! Kids are excited and lose all sense of where they are sometimes.  Be ready in case one runs in front of you!
Give pedestrians right of way – Kids may not stop, they may not see you or are too young to know how to cross safely.
Let other drivers see you and know what you are doing.  Use turn signals and hazard lights and of course leave your headlights on!
Keep your trick-or-treaters safe:
Teach them how to safely cross streets.  Look both ways and only cross at crosswalks and corners.   Consider indoor community Halloween programs for younger kids.  There are also safe places to take the candy to have it inspected.  If in doubt, throw it out.
Always use costumes that have reflective tape and use glow sticks!  Be creative and mostly be safe!
ICC Collision Centers wants you all to have a fun safe Halloween!  With several locations to serve you, we are always close by!