Winter Garage

shutterstock_59550292To many, our garage is an extension of our living space.  We use it to clean our vehicles, lawn equipment and store our outdoor toys.  Now with the seasons changing it might be time to “winterize” our garages.  Even if the weather doesn’t get frightful it is a good time to get your garage ready.  Your vehicle spends a lot of time in the garage so having things in order will make it safer and easier for you to park your baby each night.   ICC Collision knows you want to keep your ride looking like new for as long as possible.  Making sure your garage is safe from falling items seems so simple, yet many cars get dents and scratches while in the garage.
The garage door is an obvious area to be concerned with when winterizing a garage.  Check for gaps along the bottom and sides of the garage door can dramatically reduce wind, rain or snow from getting in.  If you don’t work in your garage a lot during the winter having a heating source isn’t an issue.  If you do work in your garage make sure whatever heating source you do use is in proper working order.  Carbon dioxide poisoning is a real danger in work areas such as garages.  Make sure ventilation is in working order.
Change or replace any outdoor lights that are not working properly.  Make sure you have a well-lit garage area for easy parking as well as personal safety.  With Halloween just around the corner make sure your walk ways for trick-or-treaters is well lit and safe. 
We care about not only our customers but our community as well.  ICC Collison Centers wants your vehicle to look showroom ready as much as you do.  Taking simple steps to protect your second largest investment will pay off!  Having a clean and tidy garage helps keep your vehicles safe as well.  We know accidents happen and we are there when you need those scratches and dents fixed. 
ICC Collision Centers, with 5 locations in Arizona and California, is always just a phone call or a mouse click away.
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