Auto Collision Repair Stages

We have discussed this before but I think it is important to go over this now and then.  You have been in an accident, hopefully everyone is ok.  The police have been called, reports have been made and you need your vehicle towed somewhere.  A million things are going through your mind, you are shook up and obviously stressed.  All you need to remember is one phone number. 888-894-4079 ICC Collision Centers have several locations so we are always close by.  Our towing service will pick up your vehicle and tow it to our shop.  What happens once your vehicle is towed away?  Here is a quick break down of the collision repair process.
Step 1: The estimate process.  The vehicle is inspected and all information is entered into the estimate computer system.  The process will determine the cost of repairs keeping in mind often there is hidden damage that isn’t uncovered until the vehicle is disassembled. 
Step 2: After the estimate is completed the insurance company will review and possibly negotiate on the price and procedures required to repair the vehicle.  The insurance company will determine if the vehicle can be repaired or will be totaled.  Once all negotiations and decisions are made the vehicle will begin the actual repair process.
Step 3: Disassembly begins.  This is where hidden damage is often found.  Visual inspections on the structure of the vehicle is made.  Often this will require scheduling a re-inspection from the insurance company if there is new damage found.  This is also when any additional parts are ordered.
Step 4: All parts are ordered.  Special orders are placed as soon as possible.  Work cannot begin until the structural parts arrive.  Those parts are ordered quickly so not to hold up the process.
Step 5: The vehicle is in the structure repair area.  The unitized body is returned to factory specification.  Using computer based measurement system is used to ensure an accurate repair.
Step 6: The vehicle is now in the body repair department.  Here all the exterior panels and all metal finishing that needs to be done.  Here you start to see your vehicle come back to life. 
Step 7: Off to paint! This is a very important step in the refinishing process.  All panels are primed and painted and sealed to ensure good adhesion when the final top color is applied. 
Step 8: Moldings and detail pieces are put back on. All systems are checked the vehicle is almost completed
Step 9: During the accident and repair process the vehicle accumulates a lot of dust.  In this step we clean the vehicle, take it for a road test to make sure everything works and handles as expected.
Step 10: The final step in the repair process. You come in to pick up your vehicle, go over the bill and the final paper work is completed.  You drive away in your vehicle that has been restored to its pre-accident condition!
ICC Collision Centers has several locations to serve you!  We are not happy until our customers are safe and happy in their vehicles.  Hopefully we can make the repair process as smooth and easy as possible.  You have been in an accident, you shouldn’t have even more stress waiting for repairs. 





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