Is Your Car Prepared for the upcoming change in season?

Fall is a good time to have your vehicle serviced for winter.  Even if you don’t live in an area where it’s horribly cold and lots of snow you need to winterize it. ICC Collision Center encourages our customers to do preventative maintenance on all vehicles. 
If you live in a climate where the temps get below freezing you will want to use a thinner oil.  If you run a 10W-30 in summer you might want to try 5W-30.  If you are in doubt refer to your owners-manual or the manufacturer.
Engine Coolant
Not only intended to cool you’re your engine from overheating, it is also responsible for protecting your engine against freezing temps.  For most vehicles, a winter ration is 60% coolant to 40% water.  Adjusting this ration is an important winterizing step for car so if you don’t understand it ask for help!
Cold Weather & Batteries
Batteries and cables should be checked for cracks and breaks.  Terminals should fit tight with no loose connections.  Check battery fluid by uncovering the refill hole, if the level is below the bottom of the cap refill with distilled water.  Battery capacity is reduced in the winter so make sure it’s ready. To read the charge level in your battery you need to turn engine off. Some have a built-in hydrometer eye that tells you the amount of the charge.  You should also know how old your battery is.
Tires, of course
Most car makers recommend changing all four tires to snow tires in winter. Depending on what you drive, where you live, how much snow you normally get will determine what type of snow tires you needs. Keep in mind you will look forward to spring to change out the heavy less aggressive tire and your gas millage will improve drastically!
ICC Collision Center wants everyone prepared for winter.  It doesn’t matter if you live in mild climates or harsh climates, fall is a good time to give your vehicle a little TLC.