Distracted Driving


I was driving down the highway a few weeks ago.  Beautiful day and I was enjoying the scenery even though traffic was a bit heavy and increasing.  I noticed a car on the left in my mirror weaving in and out of traffic.  Getting up on the bummer of the car in front of them and then darting out into the other lane then accelerating quickly.  As the vehicle passes me I noticed how the he would tailgate the vehicle in front before darting out.  Tailgating is a major pet peeve of mine so I kept a close eye on him.  I was thankful he was in front of me be worried at what he was doing. He got behind a cargo van, in just seconds the traffic ahead hit their breaks causing the cargo van to hit his breaks and you can guess what happened next.  The tailgater locks his wheels and starts spinning.  Luckily the cargo van sped up and helped the tailgater survive without a collision.  The tailgater couldn’t see the traffic ahead and didn’t see the brake lights ahead of time.  You would think that would have made him slow down and not tailgate but that wasn’t the case.  He sped off doing the very same thing.  He was clearly not focused on driving, he was focused on his job or relationship or anything but driving.
His carelessness could have not only changed his life but the lives of many others sharing the roads. ICC Collision Center sees many vehicles that have major damage and all caused distracted drivers.  We share the roads with hundreds or thousands of people daily.  Imagine even one of them being distracted and not at all focused on the road.  Chances are there are way more than one distracted driver on the road at any given time.  If you are normally one of them stop and think how you can drastically change a person’s life, or even end it.  Pay attention when driving, because it isn’t all about you, it’s about thousands of others. 
If you are involved in a collision, ICC Collision Centers can get you back on the road.  We ensure your vehicle not only looks good, but it repaired according to manufacture specs.  Looking Good is definitely not as important as remaining safe.
If you do end up in an any type of auto accident, ICC Collision Centers will handle all of your claim, collision, towing and repair needs.  We even offer an easy to use online estimate tool so you can save time before coming into the shop.
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