Fix My Car or Sell it? Big Decision!

We love our cars! Some of us even name our cars Brad! Most agree there car is more than a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. We spend a lot of time together, they can reflect who we are or become a friend of sorts.  At some point you may have to decide if you want to continue to put more money into your car or to sell. ICC Collision Center completely understands, we’re car people! Knowledge is power and there are many factors involved in this decision.  They say it is a fine line between a practical person and a penny-pincher.  So here are some factors you might want to consider when are deciding against fix or sell.
  1. Budget- Of course budget is first, our budget determines most any large decision we make in our lives. Things to consider are can you afford an expensive repairs on your current car, and whether you could afford a down payment for a new car. Also keep in mind the new car will have up-front costs such as tax title and plates (according to each state) possible higher insurance, vehicle registration and of course the monthly payment. 
  2. How much are you paying in repairs & maintenance? You should be asking how much you are spending monthly on repairs and regular maintenance. If you are paying more on repairs every month than you would a new car then that’s a simple answer.  If you pay a few hundred here and there that is not a good comparison.  A continuous repair every month then that is a good representation of a monthly payment.
  3. Market Value- You need to consider what your car is worth now as you will most likely be trading it in. If you have a high end car you know repairs are expensive so the constant repairs aren’t an option. 
  4. Peace of Mind- Sometimes this is the second most valuable behind budget. Not knowing if you can make it to work every day is stressful.  Towing bills and breakdowns are stressful on your budget.
Bottom line you have to decide what works best for you.  Safety is our concern for you so when you have your vehicle worked on at ICC Collision Center we can help you make that decision.  Giving you an honest opinion on if you should continue to put money into your vehicle or if you should part ways.  Customer satisfaction is very important to us so giving you solid advice about your vehicle is important as well. 
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