What Should I have in my basic automotive toolkit?

Okay ladies, we know we can do it all.  We take care of our families, homes and our jobs.  We can do it all, with the proper tools.  This includes mechanical things and needing the tools for basic things.  Do you have your own tool kit?  ICC Collision Center knows today’s woman can do anything but if your specialty isn’t with mechanical things would you know what to have in a basic tool kit?
Here is a basic list of tools one (man or woman) should have in a tool “kit”. Keep in mind you don’t need to run out and get all of this at once.  You need to decide what will work best for your particular situation.
  1. Claw Hammer – Great tool with many uses from hanging pictures to cracking walnuts. This is a must have in any tool kit.
  2. Pliers- slip-joint, diagonal & needle nose ( I like needle nose for cutting and shaping wire for jewelry making)
  3. Wrenches- there are several types that you will commonly use for me these are socket wrenches. Standard and metric a small set will do. Vise grips crescents and hex key set I use most of all.  I use these to help tighten the rattling of the washer/dryer panels.  Mount my flat screen TV to the mounting bracket on TV stand.  Also a spark plug wrench is a good idea so you can change spark plug in lawn mower or weed whacker.
  4. Screwdriver set- most decent sets have flat head and Philips. Great for mounting switch plates, tightening door knobs, hanging curtain rods.   
  5. Level- (torpedo) the only way to hang that picture straight, period.
  6. Measuring tape- 16 foot is a good length. Obvious as to why this would be handy. Get one with a belt clip and is larger print and easy to read for you.
  7. Wood saw- Not commonly thought of but commonly needed. Use to cut wooden dolls for craft projects, Christmas tree boughs and the list can go on and on.
  8. Utility knife- choose an automatically retractable blade for safety.
  9. Flashlight- I believe you should have one in your car and a few in your home. Not always easy to keep fresh batteries in if you have children.  For that reason I recommend having at least one self- generating flashlight on hand.
  10. Cordless power drill- 14.4 volt or higher is best. Great for mounting curtain rods and blinds. So much easier than using a screwdriver if possible.
Keeping it all together- Doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just make it you!  So if it is a basket or a bag just also make sure to put in safety glasses, pair of gloves.  If you don’t want your tools mixed up with someone else’s tools use color duct tape and mark each tool.  You can also purchase most tools now in different colors!  Here at ICC Collision we will take care of all of your auto needs.  We also like to give handy tips to our customers just to make things a little easier.  Have fun building your own tool kit.  Make it unique and show your flare!