6 motorcycle maintenance tips

Motorcycle riders love their bikes.  They love the feel of the open road with nothing between them and the wind blowing against their face.  The feeling of freedom and being one with their surroundings.  ICC Collision cares about our four wheel customers as well as our two wheel ones. Taking away even one day of riding because of mechanical issues is not an option.  Taking care of your bike is important not only so you don’t miss a day of riding, but rather for safety reasons.  Responsibility comes along with that freedom. 


Here are 6 motorcycle maintenance tips to keep you on the road and your ride running right.
  1. Keep your tires inflated properly. If you are riding on the open road with low tire pressure you’re taking a big risk. Low air pressure can affect everything from fuel mileage to handling.  Make sure you check your air pressure before each ride.
  2. Check and replace brake fluid. Over time brake fluid can become less effective as it absorbs moisture. Replace your fluid every one to two years to ensure the brakes are preforming the way they are meant to.  Don’t forget to check the brake pads as well!
  3. Check your oil. If you are heading out for a ride always check the oil beforehand. Make this a habit, top it off if need be.  This will ensure that nothing disastrous will happen while you are on the open road.
  4. Make sure you keep the bearings greased. Most are covered these days but there is always a place on the majority of motorcycles that goes without protection. If you happen to find these on your motorcycle, make sure you consistently grease them for optimal performance.
  5. Keep it covered no matter the weather. Keeping your bike covered in inclement weather will help its performance. It just works better when it is kept out of the elements. Under a tarp or in a garage, you will see a difference. 
  6. Create a pre-ride checklist. If you are a veteran rider you already do this, probably without even noticing. You go over your bike in your head, air pressure is good, any fluid leaks, all fluids checked and all switches & lights work properly.  A quick check list of things before you take off is just a good idea.  Take away many unwanted surprises on the road! 
ICC Collision Centers cares about our customers and offers these safety tips to help you or others be a little safer on the road. 
If you do end up in an any type of auto accident, ICC Collision Centers will handle all of your claim, collision, towing and repair needs.  We even offer an easy to use online estimate tool so you can save time before coming into the shop.
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