Tips for choosing the right tires

shutterstock_252285874Choosing the right kind of tires for your vehicle is important. You will have these tires for the next years and thousands of miles so safety and handling is important. ICC Collision Centers wants our customers informed.  Here is a little information about choosing tires and sizes when your vehicle needs new ones. 
Where do I start, how many tires do I need? Since the tires affect the performance of your vehicle the tires should all match.  If they don’t match you vehicle may not handle as quickly or in the manner you expect, making it difficult to control. So it is best to get all four tires at same time.
If you have one tire that has been damaged and you only need to replace the one tire:
  • Match the tire as closely as possible to the other three tires.
  • Select the same brand, line, size and speed rating
Replacing two tires?
  • Match the tire as closely as possible
  • Brand, line, size speed rating
  • New tires should be installed on the rear axle.
A set of tires?
If you were happy with the performance of your original tires simply replace them.  If you want longer tread wear, a smoother ride or better handling now is your time to ask questions and find what you want. 
For some this is a simple, just get what is recommended by the manufacture and they are good to go.  Others what a little something different, wider or low profile.  Keep in mind the tires first requirement is to carry the weight of the vehicle.  No matter how good of a tire you choose if just carrying the weight of the vehicle has the tires capabilities overworked performance will be compromised.  Under size tires can cause this problem. 
ICC Collison Center wants our customers to be safe. Using the proper equipment on your vehicle only makes sense.  Knowing your body shop and their reputation can make all the difference.  Work with the best, call ICC Collision Center! 888-894-4079