To Sunroof or Not to Sunroof?


We have all heard the old stories about leaking sunroofs, never installed correctly and always leak.  Is this true? Has the technology changed enough yet to improve the quality of non-factory installed sunroofs?  As with any modifications you do with your car you have to use a reputable body shop.  ICC stands behind their work and recommends you always know who is working on your vehicle.
What are the pros and cons of sunroofs not installed at the factory, or sunroofs in general? 
As with most things it is probably a matter of opinion, there are great stories along with bad.  As a general rule there are a few things to consider. 
-Reduces cubic space inside vehicle.  Can reduce by as much as 2-5 cubic feet. 
-Weight- can increase weight by 30-40 pounds
-Leaks are always possible with any sunroof- difference could be the warranties
-Structural integrity, although minor concern.
Pros are also a matter opinion
-Light and Air are just that.  Brightens up the interior and lets in more air.
-Slightly speeds up cooling time in high temps
Funny pros for having a sunroof is you can haul a ladder in your car,
Wireless connection is better (no joke), mountain scenery is easier to view.
If you don’t use the sunscreen it can fade your interior. 
When it comes down to it sunroofs are a personal opinion on a vehicle.  Some will never own any vehicle without one while others will never own one.  Sunroofs along with any other aftermarket modification are only as successful as the installation itself.  If you do not use a quality body shop with trained experienced technicians you will not be happy with the final product.  Do your homework, know who is working on your vehicle. 
There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to installing a sunroof in your vehicle.  It comes down to your personal preference.  Just make sure when you make that decision you use a reputable body shop to do the installation.
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