it is always good to know what vehicle on the market is estimated to go 200 k or more

Some of us love the feel and smell of a new car and never hold onto one vehicle longer than you have to. Then others form an attachment to our vehicle and want to drive it as long as possible.  Either way it is always good to know what vehicle on the market is estimated to go 200 k or more. We here at ICC Collision Center take care of your baby no matter how long you plan to keep them.   This is great information to have if you do plan to sell your vehicle down the road. 
When compiling all vehicles together the results are as follows and the percentage of those expected to reach 200 k:
  1. Ford F-250 -4.2%
  2. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD -3.6%
  3. Chevrolet Suburban -3.6%
  4. Toyota 4Runner 3.5%
  5. Ford Expedition 3.0%
  6. GMC Sierra 2500HD 2.7%
  7. Chevrolet Tahoe 2.1%
  8. GMC Yukon XL 1.9%
  9. Toyota Sequoia 1.7%
  10. GMC Sierra 1500 1.6%
  11. GMC Yukon 1.6%
  12. Honda Accord 1.6%
  13. Dodge Durango 1.5%
  14. Subaru Legacy 1.5%
  15. Toyota Tacoma 1.5%
  16. Toyota Avalon 1.5%
  17. Ford Explorer 1.4%
  18. Ford F-150 1.4%
  19. Lincoln Navigator 1.4%
  20. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 1.4%
The list of make and models seriously changes when all trucks & SUV’s are excluded.  Here is the top ten list of cars only.
  1. Honda Accord 1.6%
  2. Subaru Legacy 1.5%
  3. Toyota Avalon 1.5%
  4. Honda Odyssey 1.2%
  5. Nissan Maxima 1.1%
  6. Toyota Camry 1.1%
  7. Ford Taurus 1.0%
  8. Honda Civic 1.0%
  9. Acura TL 1.0%
  10. Subaru Outback 0.8%
The landscape is much different in the car market!  People are pretty loyal to their make of vehicles, Ford lovers love for Chevy love Chevy and so on. This will never settle those disputes, but it does provide information for the car buyer.  Knowing how reliable your vehicle is, how it is repaired is important. Quality service and all of its service reports is provided by reputable body shops like ICC Collision Centers.  With six locations to serve you we are always close by!
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