What does it mean when someone is Flashing their headlights at Me?


I was driving down the street, it was dark and headlights were not only important for ME to see but for me to see others!  Here comes a car with no headlights on!  I think I will alert them to the fact they don’t have their headlights on.  I flash my headlights to them, nothing, I do it again and again nothing.  I wonder what they think I am doing if not to alert them to their lack of illumination.  We approach each other meeting on the dark street.  I think they might get it and thank you, but nope, they flip me the middle finger and drive past! What?  I was trying to help! 
I know there are lots of urban legends about the dangers of flashing your headlights.  Let’s face it most of us don’t live in those dangerous areas where this is a concern.  I just can’t help wonder what the other driver thought I was doing by flashing my lights? 
If someone flashes me their lights I immediately check to see if my lights are on, or if my bright lights are on.  If none of those are the case then maybe they are alerting me of a road hazard. I immediately slow down to look at the road closely.  I take it seriously that a person cared enough to alert me to possible danger!
So this is just a little tip from a collision center that cares about the safety of everyone on the road…. 
If you see a person flash their headlights take notice.  No need to panic or become angry.  They are concerned enough to alert you to something.  Either you do not have your headlights on, or there is a danger in the road.  Be alert, don’t be unsafe and stop.  Check to see you have your lights on be alert to your surroundings and what may be in the road.  But mostly be thankful a complete stranger took 2 seconds out of their day to warn you and to be sure you’re safe! 
But most of all… Have a great Day!
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