You’ve Been in an auto collision. Now What?

You’ve had an accident and you need the fender replaced and painted to match your vehicle. Will the paint match?  Will you be able to tell that it had been wrecked?  Will everything line up properly? 
So many questions when you have an accident.  That is why it is important to go to a reputable body shop like ICC Collision Centers. Knowing what to expect and trusting who you choose to do the repairs will take much of the stress and questions away.  Making sure each repair is done properly requires skilled technicians knowing not only what to do but how to use the equipment. 
Generally there are processes in place to ensure nothing is missed.  This is a basic break down or the process your vehicle will take after an accident and once you have it to the body shop. 
·        The Estimate- This is where the damage is assessed and an estimate of cost is determined.
·        The insurance approval of the estimate.
·        Disassembly of the damaged area and inspection for underlying damage.
·        Ordering of new parts. This could be more than originally estimated based on any underlying damage found in the disassembly process.
·        Structure repair are where the unitized body is returned back to factory specs. Normally a sophisticated measuring system is used to ensure proper alignment.
·        Body repair, where all parts are reassembled and prepped for paint.
·        Paint can be challenging if the entire vehicle is not being painted. Color matching is a skill in itself and can be very challenging for even the most seasoned painters.  Having the experience and the proper equipment will determine if the color matching is done properly or not.  A color matching system is normally used to get the required match.  If the vehicle has a lot of damage on multiple parts of the body an entire paint job may be required. If this is the case color matching is not an issue. 
·        Reassembly is where all painted parts are put back on the vehicle and it is read to enter the final stage.
·        Detailing is the final step to get the vehicle ready for customer pick up.  Washing, cleaning the interior and making any final touches need. 
Not all body shops follow these steps in the repair process.  ICC Collision Centers takes every step seriously.  Attention to detail is important.  Making sure your vehicle is not only beautiful but also safe. 
If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto collision, and is looking for a reliable collision center with a reputation behind it’s name, look no further than ICC Collision Centers.  We have one location in Avondale, Arizona and 5 locations in California to service your vehicle.  Get your free e-estimate today…