How Cars have changed over the last 40 years.

We get into our cars every morning as we head out to work.  We turn on the AC or the heat, use the windshield wipers to clean the windshield. We turn the key and off we go without a thought of how much has changed since the first vehicle.  Almost every luxury at our finger tips, and all we noticed is if something doesn’t work. 
Vehicles have radically changed over just the last forty years.  Many of the changes have been to keep up with emerging trends and provide more comfort than necessity.  
One of the areas of great improvement is safety.  This area has been the focus of automotive improvements since the airbag was first installed.  The Ford Motor Company introduced them in the 70’s and after that the safety features on cars are more comprehensive.  Now in many cars multiple airbags is standard.  Some boast as many as nine airbags in one vehicle.  Volvo’s introduced an airbag that deploys on the exterior of the car to protect pedestrians.  Of course airbags are not the only safety feature that has come along.  Anti-lock breaking (ABS), collision mitigation braking system have evolved also since the 70’s. 

Then integrated technology came along and is something the vast majority of drivers use today.  Everything from MP3, USB, complex entertainment systems, built in satellite navigation, traffic updates and Bluetooth to make hands free calls.  Luxury at our fingertips.  Designed to keep drivers and passengers comfortable as well as providing a smoother drive with fewer interruptions.
In tune with emerging trends our vehicles carbon footprint has become the focus.  Modern cars are much more efficient than ever before.  Of course the hybrid cars are completely focused on low emissions and minimal carbon footprint, but even traditional combustion engines are boasting higher fuel efficiency than ever before.

The last of the fundamental changes over the last forty years is sheer volume of choices. Vehicle ownership has increased worldwide at a staggering rate.  More households own at least one vehicle now more than any time in history.  This number is expected to increase every year.  Because of this, safety and environmental awareness is more important than ever. 
Make sure to keep your family as well as yourself safe at all times while on the road.  With today’s advances and technology, driving has been made easy for us.  But safety begins with Smart Driving…
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