Collision Centers – Certified vs. Non certified

Do you know the difference between factory certified body shops and non-certified body shops? The main difference is factory certified body shops are required to repair according to the auto manufacture’s standards. While insurance- based shops have agreed to repair to a specific insurer’s guidelines.
Which is better?  Depends on your perspective.  If you are an insurance company repairing a vehicle at the lowest possible cost is the primary objective.  If you are the manufacture or the owner of the vehicle you want the repairs done to specific quality and safety standards. Even though factory certified repairs don’t always mean more expensive, sometimes it can.  An example of this is genuine OEM parts may work for more reliably than cheaper after-market parts. When mechanics are factory trained they command higher wages based on their knowledge and experience, which drives up the cost of the over-all repairs.
For a body shop to become certified they must get a local dealership to sponsor them to become factory certified.  Next they have to complete specialized training as well as purchase specialized equipment.  The process can take a year or more to complete and this is just for one factory certification.  ICC Collision Centers is Audi Certified, BMW & Mini Certified, Nissan Certified and VW Certified!
If you have a warranty on your vehicle and you use a non-factory certified body shop to repair you vehicle you may void your warranty.  It’s always best to check your warranty to make sure any aftermarket parts or non-OEM parts won’t void your warranty.  Automakers cannot arbitrarily void a warranty for using aftermarket parts.  They would have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the aftermarket parts caused the failure.   Knowledge is power and knowing your warranty is very important.
ICC Collision Centers is able to handle all of your collision and body shop needs.  
About ICC:
ICC Collision Centers, Inc provides auto collision repair services in Southern California and Arizona. It offers towing services, vehicle replacement service, and automotive collision repair services, as well as automobile damage claims support. The company also provides a wide variety of added value programs for it’s client base. ICC Collision Centers operates collision repair centers in 7 locations providing services to its customers, insurance partners and affiliated new car dealers. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Santa Ana, California.