Life Hacks that actually work

The holiday weekend is over, it’s back to work for most of us.  To make life just a bit easier I thought I’d share some life hacks that really work! 
1.  When your cell phone is low and you need a “quick charge” Put your phone in Airplane mode. You won’t be able to send or receive text or phone calls, but charging is much quicker!
2.  If your garage door opener battery is weak place it under your chin and open your mouth! It increases its range! Seriously!
3. If in the market to buy a car, wait until the end of the month.  If the dealership hasn’t met their goals they will be more inclined to give better deals!
4.  When Googling airfares clear your cache and your browser history.  Airline companies know you are searching based on your history and your cache, clear this and it can save you $50!
5.  To save power on your electronic device turn the screen brightness down.  This can save 40% on consumption.  The default brightness is set to look good in well lit stores not in the comfortable lighting in your home. 
6.  Making your own coffee at home can save up to $1168 a year.  If you buy two cups of coffee a day at $1.85 per cup that is $1,350 a year.  If you brew your own coffee it is only $. 25 a cup or $182.50 per year.  Even after you add cream and sugars at home, you still will not come close to the cost of a cup from your favorite coffee store.
7.  If you’re going camping this summer there are two options for easy fire starters!  One is for those who camp frequently and use them often, one is for the spur of the moment camper and needs something easy and NOW!  First one, for the planner, save lint from the clothes dryer and toilet paper rolls. Stuff the lint in the paper rolls, slide under the kindling and light!  For the spur of the moment camper, buy a bag of cotton balls and petroleum jelly, lather the cotton balls with the petroleum jelly and put under the kindling and let there be FIRE!
There are just a few life hacks to make your life a bit easier!  ICC Collision hopes you have a great week!