2016 Chevy Volt


May 22 the new Chevy Volt made it’s big-screen debut.  Although it was just a cameo in the ad for the new Disney movie Tomorrowland, it looked impressive!  In return, General Motors released an ad that is Tomorrowland-themed for the new Volt with a play on the history of innovation!
The ad starts with the Firebird III that debuted in 1959. It was a very fancy prototype with seven short wings, tail fins and fiberglass exterior. Even that model has similarities to the Volt, by allowing drivers to pre-conditioning the interior temps before getting in.
Next came the Firebird IV. Built for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York this experimental car plays a key role in the plot of Tomorrowland.
The Astro II was designed for aerodynamics just and the 2016 Volt. The Astro II was released at the 1968 New York Auto Show.  The 1969 Astro III was sleek, made for two-passengers, experimental car that resembled an aircraft. The Astro III had a low center of gravity and with the batteries the Chevy Volt also has the low center of gravity.  This gives the Volt good traction in inclement weather.
In 1987 Chevy built the Express concept as part of a government project about building roads only for high speed with limited access commuter roads.  The concept is described as “whisper-quiet” again very similar to the 2016 Volt in electric mode. Although the limited access commuter roads never came about, the Carpool lane was a direct result of that project.
The ad goes into detail on how the 2016 Chevy Volt has always wanted to make a electric car that is not only very quiet, efficient but also attainable!
What are your thoughts on this new 2016 Chevy Volt?