How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

It’s summer time and if you’re a dog owner you probably love taking your furry friend for a ride in your car!  Seeing the excitement on their face when you announce lets go BYE-BYE!  For some dogs this is the best thing in the world!  Wind in their face, slobber running down their tongues and flying freely in the wind, Ahh fresh air!  You may enjoy it almost as much, until you get back home and see all the hair left in your car.  Every time you try to clean it up you are sure that each hair was glued to the seat.  Cleaning up pet hair from your car is no easy task.  
Don’t make rover stay home!  Use these tips to help remove that pet hair so Rover can still go BYE BYE and you can still have a clean car!
First- Vacuum, I know it seems like a no brainer but it’s a vital step.  Either use your home vacuum or go to the nearest car wash and use that one.  Vacuum every inch you can reach, then use rubber gloves and rub your hands over the seats, this will loosen more stubborn hair.  Get as much hair as possible.
Second- Static Power, yes the kind that gives you a poke when walking across the floor with socks on! Use a fabric sheet or a damp cloth, this will loosen the hair even more.  If you want to have more fun with this you can also use a balloon!  
Finally-Get it wet- Wet your hands down and rub them across the seats and carpet.  Hair is very clingy when it’s wet so the water on your hands will help the hair stick to your hands.  Make sure not to get the seats too wet, not a pleasant surprise for the next poor soul that has to sit in the seat!  
ICC Collision Centers knows your car means a lot to you and so does your furry friends!  Keep both clean and ready for summer!  
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