10 Car Sounds and What They Mean

If you listen to your car you can tell a lot about what’s going on with every sound.  Race car drivers can tell when to shift by the rev of the engine and the squeal of the tires.  They can also hear when they are approaching the grip limit in the tires
Although you may not be that finely tuned in to your car, if you learn some basic sounds you may be able to identify a potential problem.  Here are 10 common sounds that could mean trouble is coming.
  1. Squealing when applying the brakes. This can mean either you have dirt on the brake rotors, shoes, pads or the shoes are worn badly.
  2. Grinding when applying brakes. Eeks!  Your brake pads are so worn down it is rubbing metal to metal!  
  3. Clunking when applying brakes.  Either the brake caliper isn’t mounted correctly, or your brake hardware is out of place.
  4. Whining when turning the steering wheel- Check your power steering fluid! If not full enough fill it or the linkage could be damaged.
  5. Squealing when accelerating- Check the belts, one or more could be loose or slipping
  6. Grinding when shifting (manual transmission) you are not fully engaging the clutch or the clutch needs adjusted or replaced.
  7. Hissing or sizzling under the hood, after shutting off the engine.  Your engine is overheating or you have fluid leaking.  
  8. Popping under the hood- The engine is misfiring. This is also characterized by a loss in power.  This can be caused by ignition problems, a clogged fuel filter, worn, dirty or damaged plugs or even a damaged catalytic converter.
  9. The engine gets abnormally loud when accelerating- The muffler or exhaust system is damaged or the car isn’t advancing to the next gear when it should.
  10. Tapping or clicking under the hood.- The engine is low on oil! If the oil level is ok it may indicate blockage in the system or valve train issue.
Hopefully this will give you a basic knowledge on signs of trouble with your vehicle!  ICC Collision Centers cares about not only your car but the safety of our customers!