Car Hacks That Actually Work!

Bring out your inner Macgyver and make something from nothing! Here are a few of the top car hacks to help you on your quest for greatness!
  1. Do you have a leak in your gas tank?  Use mintines as a temporary fix!
It certainly pays to have a few minties in your car, if you happen to spring a leak in your fuel tank. This is a temporary fix until you can get to your local mechanic.  Chew the mintie until it sticks to your teeth, flatten it out and apply the mintie to the leak.  Make sure you clean the area with a rag before you apply the mintie!


2. Cloudy Headlights? Clean them with toothpaste!


Yep, toothpaste, especially whitening, can clean foggy headlights! You will need to bring some elbow grease!  Apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a soft cloth, rub it thoroughly all over the lens.  Rinse off completely with clean water and dry.  For more protection use furniture protection use furniture polish or car wax with UV protection.  
3.  Can’t get a registration sticker off your windshield?  Use wet newspaper to remove it!

Tired of looking at the old out dated stickers on your windshield?  Scrubbing and scraping them off never seems to work.  No worries, get some wet newspaper, wet with warm water and place over the sticker, wait 10 minutes and voila!  Gone!
4. Sick of breaking your fingers nails by putting a new key on your key ring?

staple remover to put keys on a key ring

Perfect way to use something you probably have laying on your desk at home or work!  Take a staple remover and put the teeth in between the two ring and press down!  Love it!  Save the manicures!  
5. Replace broken fan belt with pantyhose!

replace fan belt with pantyhose

If you are stranded with a broken fan belt, and happen to have pantyhose available this hack can get you to a safe location or repair center.  Not always easy with newer cars because of all of the components in the way but is totally possible to do.
These are just a few of the top car hacks to bring out your awesomeness!  If you need more than just a quick fix come see us at ICC Collision Center!