Should I Repaint My Car?


When a person has an accident they are usually focused on how much the auto body repairs will cost.  That’s what we have insurance for!  The vehicle owner’s cost, if any, is limited to their deductible.  Of course there is an exception to this rule if getting your car completely repainted.  This cost usually comes directly out of the customers pocket and is most often an older model car. Because of this the cost is normally a significant priority.  There are a few things to consider before getting your car repainted.
Why Are You Considering a New Paint Job?
Deciding whether or not to repaint depends on your goals as well as your budget. It’s almost always better to have paint on your car than not. Paint provides protection from rust as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  We have many different reasons for getting our cars repainted, here are some common ones:
  • The paint has deteriorated or come off, delaminated and bare metal is exposed. This is to protect the body from rust and and/or improve its appearance.
  • The paint has faded or is scratched and the car no longer looks new. The goal is to restore the car to the appearance it had when it was first purchased.
  • The vehicle owner desires to change the color of the car. This requires making look as if it were always this color.
  • The car is a restoration project or a custom vehicle. The goal is to apply a show quality finish, apply multiple colors or effects, add graphics, and other custom touches.
The cost of a full repaint job can vary widely based on what you, the customer envisions. If the customer simply wants protection for the metal that is less intensive and less expensive.  But if the goal is to have a car ready for a car show the costs is much higher.  Knowing what you want as your end result will determine the price range and ultimately determine what direction you will go in your repainting option.
ICC Collision Center is prepared for any type of repaint you decide on!
How Much to Spend Depends on Resale Value
You have decided to have your vehicle repainted, now how much should I spend? The amount of money you should spend on repainting your car should be influenced largely by the age and value of the vehicle.  Basically it’s not a good idea to spend $4,000 on a $1,500 car! You should avoid spending more than you could gain in additional resale value. Paint will only increase the value so much so if you don’t stand to gain much it might be best to leave it as is!
Do Your Homework!
If you get a paint job for $299 you will get what you pay for.  You will not have a quality paint job as most of those places cut a lot of corners to meet that price.  Poor quality paint, unprepared surfaces, non-painted areas left unprotected are just a few areas that are cut to save money.  That’s okay if you didn’t really want to see out of your windshield!  Even worse a poor quality paint job can actually diminish the value of your car!  
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