Dealing With Paint Matching After a Collision


 After a collision the last thing you want to deal with is your newly painted bumper not matching the color properly. Color matching is very complex; there are a few possible explanations that may account for this:
  • The character of paint often differs between metal and plastic surfaces due to dissimilar rates of evaporation during the drying process. Even if the paint appeared to match when it was originally applied, it may appear different after it dries.
  • Often the problem originates with the manufacturer. Cars are painted in the factory on a production line.  The bumper and trim are painted in another location using a different type of application method, which complicates the color matching process
  • Light reflects differently on curved and flat surfaces so it may be an optical illusion.
Auto Paint Matching is Complex
In any case always remember that color matching on cars is a complex process that involves many extenuating factors.  Despite the technician’s best efforts sometimes a perfect match isn’t possible.  In order to “trick” the eye into seeing one continuous shade of the same color a little extra technique is involved.
An inexperienced painter can get the paint codes right off the car, put them into the computer and mix a batch of paint that matches the manufacturer formulation.  Then they spray the panel put it back on the vehicle and send you on your way.  As soon as you see it in the natural sunlight you notice a very different shade of paint.  You are not happy!
Experience makes all the Difference in Auto Paint Matching
An experienced technician will mix up the same formulation and will spray a card, let it dry and take it out in the sunlight to test for a match.  They note if the color matches or if they need to “tweak” the formula based on color matching experience.  Our expert technicians adjust the formula and that’s how we make your car paint color match.
It’s important to have trusted experienced technicians in the auto painting process.  Call ICC Collision Centers at 888-894-4079 Serving Southern California when you need your car painted. 
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