What happens when your car runs out of fuel unexpectedly?

It’s possible you have never used up all your gas while travelling before, or it may be something that has happened to you more than once. So what occurs when a car runs out of gas? That will depend on the model & year of your vehicle, however it can lead to some problems other than keeping you stranded & out of gas.
Running Out of Gas: Some Possible Results
Not having enough gas is generally not good for a car. It may not cause any lasting issues. You could just fill it and go on on the road. But sometimes, running out of gascauses the fuel pump in your car to fail. This happens because on some cars, the fuel acts as a coolant and lubricant to the fuel pump. When it doesn’t have gas in the tank, it seizes up. For this reason, experts recommend not leaving the ignition on while thethe process of running out of gasgas takes place. There can also be other issues related to sediment in the fuel tank or problems with a lack of fuel in the system, according to the vehicle’s type and whether or not it is fuel injected.
On certain cars, the OEM recommends keeping at least 1/4 of a tank full of gas while driving in order to prevent this situation. Some fuel gauges are more effective than others at telling us how much gas is left in the tank. In general, the low fuel light within the dashboard acts as an effective warning. If you’re getting low, don’t attempt fate. Pull over & fill up as soon as the light comes on. Or else, you may find yourself not having enough fuel behind a light or traffic jam, on a bridge or tunnel, or a more dangerous situation.
Another tip is to get off of the highway or road if you see the vehicle sputtering as the fuel dial is on empty. It’s possible you have some warning signals just before your fuel tank running dry, & this is your opportunity to leave the highway so you aren’t stranded in a lane of traffic. As soon as you get safely off of the road, tie a rag to your antenna, and walk to the nearest service station to get some fuel.
Loss of Fuel after an Automobile Accident
If you have been involved in an auto collision, and have not been injured, however, you vehicle isn’t running, possibly because it is out of gas, call ICC Collision Centers
We can tow your car into the shop, do an evaluation of damages, and work directly with your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.  Because we know you don’t have time to deal with an accident, we handle all of it from a rental car to complete repairs.  ICC Collision is your one stop shop for all collision repair needs.
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