How to Choose the Right Body Shop after an Accident

icc collisionYou’ve been in an accident. You watched as your car was towed away looking like a twisted piece of metal. You wonder if it is ever going to be the same. Will the paint match when it is done? Will it shake rattle and roll while driving down the highway? Here are some tips to make sure your body shop gets your car back to you looking and feeling like new again.
Choose a Reliable Body Shop
The key to getting your car fixed and back to you like new in the first place is to choose your own body shop. Don’t let the insurance company or anyone else decide for you where to take your car to be repaired. Ask your friends who they used and if they were satisfied with the results. Do your homework.
Have a Clear Understanding Up Front
The process of having your car fixed right starts as soon as it gets dropped off at the body shop. Get everything in writing before the repair begins and be clear on what will be done. Be sure the shop  will warranty their work when finished.
Picking Up The Repaired Vehicle
Any reputable collision shop will go through the estimate with you and walk you through everything that was done to your car. Shops that care will make sure every bolt is replaced, scratch repaired and it is clean, vacuumed and ready to hit the road. There should be no dirt or dust left in or outside of the car. 
Final Inspection
Take a close look at the repaired part of the vehicle. Look for any gaps between body panels. If the gaps are uneven it could be a sign of panels not being aligned correctly or substandard parts. Always make sure the doors open and close properly. Always turn on the headlights to make sure the light beams are aligned if your car was hit in the front.  If the frame had to be pulled, be sure it looks straight and pay attention when driving it on the highway.
Blending and Matching Paint Colors
An excellent painter will be sure that there is no change from the front to the back door. You don’t want your car to look like it is two or three different colors. Be sure to pick it up during the day when you can see if the paint matches the original shade of the vehicle. Also, be sure to check for specks of dirt or runs in the paint.
A great shop stands by its work and makes sure when you drive your car away that it is restored to it’s pre-accident condition. That’s exactly what takes place at ICC Collision Centers. We guarantee our work and your happiness!
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