When your car needs repairs, do you drive it or tow it?

So you’ve just been in a fender bender. You were driving at such a slow speed and it doesn’t look all that bad.  You want to save money on a tow bill by driving it to the repair facility to have it looked at and get an estimate for the body damage.  Your car still drives, but you’re not sure if it should be driven or towed.
There are certainly times when a vehicle, even though it is drivable, should be towed. Often times it can cause more damage to the vehicle and cost you way more in repairs then a $75.00 to $100.00 tow bill that could’ve saved hundreds of dollars in damage
You drive your vehicle everyday and will need to use your own judgment of how your vehicle normally performs and your senses to decide if your vehicle is safe to drive. Pay attention to the smells, it’s performance, any smoke or leaking of fluids under the car, or any new and loud sounds created that were not there before, can be a good indicator of whether a vehicle needs towing or not.

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Here are a few problems to listen and look for:
  • Overheating according to the temperature gauge or sudden drop on the gauge.
  • Check Engine Light flashing.
  • Oil light is illuminated.
  • Smoke billowing out from under the hood or the tailpipe.
  • Vehicle has a burning smell.
  • Gas fumes while vehicle is either running or not.
  • Grinding noise of the brakes either while driving or when applied.
  • Fender or body part is bent and rubbing in places.
  • Rotational noise that gets louder with increased speed.
  • A knocking noise, whirring or screeching.
  • Vehicle starts misfiring, backfiring or stalling.
  • Sudden loss of fluid like coolant, oil, power steering or brake fluid.
There may be many other conditions that are not usual to how your specific vehicle normally runs. Any time that you have one of these unusual conditions, you have a potential problem.  Your vehicle may be unsafe to drive and could potentially break down. Do not continue to drive or it could cause more damage and the vehicle should be looked at by your trusted collision repair facility before you continue.
It is always a wise decision to tow your vehicle even after a small fender bender. Towing your car to the shop could save you money, keep you safe and help to minimize damage and maximize the value of your vehicle. Pay close attention to your vehicle and use your senses after any accident. When in doubt always have your vehicle towed; it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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