The Audi A6

The Audi A6 was rated one of the safest vehicles of 2014. Not only is it safe, but it is awesome looking too. Audi realized their look was getting a little ho-hum and got serious giving it a new look. The A6 sedan has become a design icon with better proportions and a shorter front overhang making it look sportier.
We learned some fun facts from the people over at TopSpeed about these cars in China:
  • Everyone thinks Chinese businessmen just like to ride in the back seat; there’s more to it than just prestige!
  • It’s cheaper to hire a driver in China to take you back and forth to work than it is to try to par in the city.
  • The car owner rides in the back all week and then drives the car himself on the weekends, so the car must be a competent luxury sedan and the A6 fits the bill for these men.
  • And, it only costs about $20 a week!
The Audi A6 is still very impressive to its class of midsize luxury sedans. It has excellent driving dynamics, a welcoming interior and plenty of technology.
The full-LED headlights and driving lights used to be exclusive only to the 3.0T. These headlights are a trademark to the Audi and look just as awesome with them off.
This car has so many standard features; it’s hard to list all of them.  Putting all the marvelous features aside, the Audi A6 is still one of the safest vehicles you can drive.
Putting all of the fun stuff aside, the 2015 Audi A6 ranks 5 out of 18 based on reliability and safety data. Test drivers reported it as being top-notch with a beautiful design.
If you are driving one of these beauties and end up in a fender bender, remember that ICC Collision Centers are Certified Audi collision shops. You can bring your Audi A6 to us knowing that it will look like brand new when you take it back home.
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