Where will the Future of cars bring us?

Toyota wants the Mirai to become the first mass produced Hydrogen Car.

What is a Hydrogen Car?
Hydrogen cars are very different as all other automobiles (gasoline, battery, hybrid).
Here’s the way they work..
A hydrogen car is a 100% electric car, but instead of a battery it uses hydrogen fuel cells. These are simple, feed them hydrogen gas and they will constantly generate electricity. These are similar to a battery that never need recharging. There is no combustion, hydrogen gas is merely fed to theSo, where do you get the hydrogen?
The cars carry high pressure tanks of hydrogen to deliver their fuel cells. The tanks get filled again at a hydrogen gas station, and the filling procedure is very similar to regular gas filling. The hydrogen gas station delivers its hydrogen on the spot. Exactly how? By electrolysis of water. Yes, the raw material to generate hydrogen gas is water! So, the hydrogen gas station makes hydrogen from water. Vehicles refill their hydrogen tanks. The hydrogen passes through the car’s fuel cells to produce the energy that drives the car. And the exhaust? The car’s exhaust is water vapor!
No Polluting.


The entire thing is a water to water cycle! The range of a hydrogen car is the identical to a gasoline car, and the refueling time is the same. Also, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the world. So I doubt we’ll be depleted!
What are your thoughts on this topic?
Content written by Ken Abbott, Internet Marketing Consultant