Foggy Headlights


Wow, I just hate this time change. It gets dark earlier and now I can barely see on my way home from work. Is it really that dark out or is it my headlights?

I really never thought of that until I was driving home in the rain.  Then I realized it wasn’t the darkness and it wasn’t the rain darkening my view, it’s my old yellowed headlights!

It’s Made of Plastic!


Headlights used to be made of real glass and stayed clear forever. Now headlights are made of a polycarbonate plastic to make them impact resistant and strong enough to take hits from flying stones and other road debris. So, new technology is really a good thing.  Polycarbonate is naturally porous, so headlights are made with a very thin coat of silicone as a protective coating.  It looks great, almost like glass at first.  As this silicone becomes exposed to the sun and harsh weather conditions it starts deteriorating the UV coating turning the headlights yellow and foggy limiting your visibility.

You’re Not Going Blind; It’s Your Headlights!


It doesn’t just look bad; it’s a safety problem.  If not taken care of when it first becomes visible, it causes your headlights to turn yellow and eventually brown. It can actually build up and block all the light from beaming through the headlight. So, it’s no wonder you feel like it looks even darker outside then what it really is at night. It’s a known fact that 9 out of 10 nighttime accidents are headlight related.

There Is A Solution!


Usually people think they’ll just wait and replace it when the light goes out. Well, only the bulb goes out.  Some headlights get chipped, scarred or scratched as your car ages making the problem even worse.  It costs a fortune to replace the whole assembly.  Even with older cars the cost is well over $500 to $1,000 to buy a new one. The key is to prevent this from happening in the first place. 90% of the headlights are just yellowed from oxidation and can be restored easily. The other 10% are the ones with actual surface damage and will need a little more aggressive resuscitation to bring them back to life!

Just Give Us a Call!

Don’t wait for any of this to happen to your headlights.  Our professionals can remove the damaged film and restore your lenses to original condition.  If the damage has gone too far, your headlights will have to be resurfaced with abrasives and power tools costing you a bit more to revive the pristine clear look.

Cloudy, hazy or yellowed headlights affect hundreds of thousands of vehicles in virtually every make imaginable. We suggest that you don’t try any magic home remedy’s that may even make the situation worse – CALL ICC Collision Centers for an appointment now 888-894-4079