My Car Windows Are All Fogged Up!

So, you’re late for work. You start your car. Guess what! You can’t see because of foggy windows! When the weather gets cold windows start to fog up. And, it never fails to happen on the days you are having the worst mornings!

angry driver

Window condensation happens because cold air outside lowers the humidity. When you enter your car from the brisk air the heat from your body, moist breath, car heater, warm food or anything that makes the air moist will fog the inside of cars cold windows.

Defogging your Windshield in Cold Weather

Newer vehicles come with climate control and fog sensors that will correct any condensation issues automatically. If your car is older, you’ll need to learn how to deal with hazy visibility and foggy windows.

How about a little info to help you combat foggy, hazy windows?

When it’s Cold:

If you’re late and need to clear your windshield in a hurry, drop the inside temperature and humidity to match the outside. Instead of turning on the heat right away, use the A/C or defrost first without any heat at all. Open up the window to dissipate the moisture. Don’t wipe the inside of the windshield!

If you’re not late for work and have time, the best solution is to let the car warm up. Turn on the defroster with the heat until the glass warms up and the humidity adjusts clearing all the windows in the car.

When it’s Hot:

This situation is totally the opposite and happens during hot, wet humid seasons. If you have condensation forming on the outside of your windshield, don’t blast your A/C! Roll down your windows and turn the heat on low.  Use your windshield wipers to keep your visibility clear on the outside.

New Air:

In either situation, don’t reticulate the air inside your car! You need fresh air coming in not the old recycled air that was causing the problem. If you keep the same old humid or cold air inside it will just perpetuate the problem.

Wash Your Windows:

Always keep your windows nice and clean.  A clean windshield is less likely to become foggy than a dirty one. Clean windows are also much more likely to get you safely to work and on time too!


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