Slow down to help save money


We have seen a recent drop in gas prices lately, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our busy, often hectic lifestyles. It’s still important to remember that how we drive, directly impacts fuel consumption and ultimately how often we find ourselves filling up at the pump.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that rapid acceleration and braking can reduce fuel efficiency up to 33% at highway speeds. Aggressive Driving which the NHTSA includes speeding is not only unsafe but it can cost you $0.09 to $0.31 per gallon in additional fuel costs. Not to mention the increased wear and tear on your vehicle, especially from hard braking. The U.S. Department of Energy study also found that for every 5 MPH over 50 MPH you drive adds $0.21 to the price per gallon of gas. Add it up and it’s easy to see that simply slowing down while driving can save you money and help increase the life of your car and its vital components.

The next time you’re on the highway, set your cruise control to the posted speed limit. By employing your vehicles speed control you eliminate the urge to keep pace with faster moving cars as well as allowing your vehicle to run more economically. Slowing down on the road may seem difficult at first. A recent study by Allstate reports that 89% of Americans survey says they’ve driven faster than the posted speed limit. One tip is to stay to the right or middle lanes on the highway. Avoiding the left lane will help decrease your need for speed and keep a little extra money in your pocket!