Teens: Are you ready to drive to school for the first time by yourself?

By on August 20, 2014


The back-to-school shopping is finally done. You’ve got some new clothes and supplies for school. You’ve also texted your friends on where you plan to meet before class starts.

You’re all set for the first day at school … right?                  

Not entirely. This school year is going to be different. That’s because you’ll be driving to school for the first time all by yourself. No parents this year. It’s all on you. 

Unfortunately, you’re in an age group most prone to accidents and road risks. So take a look atGEICO’s 10 safe-driving tips to help teens be safe on the road, and have a great school year. 

  1. Wake up early so you won’t need to rush to class.  

  2. Eat a healthy breakfast at home. Not only will you keep your car clean, but you can concentrate on driving.

  3. Put makeup on or do your hair before getting behind the wheel. Grooming should always be done before you leave your home, or at school in the restroom before class.  

  4. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. If you’re sleepy, get someone to drive you or take the bus.

  5. Make sure your car’s gas tank is filled.  

  6. Do NOT use your phone when driving. Save the back-to-school selfies and texting for later, and make sure you pay attention to the road.

  7. Always wear your seatbelt. There are no alternatives to this rule. No matter the distance, you always need to wear one.

  8. Do not get distracted when driving with others. Keep your focus on the road.

  9. Stick to the speed limit and follow road signs at all times. Don’t speed to class and always follow road signals and signs.

  10. Take extra care in school zones. Watch out for little kids and pedestrians.

Remember, your safety is important when driving to school.  Have the Best year Ever !!