Why UBER’s Hyper-Aggressive Approach Will Backfire

The Verge published an article on UBER’s playbook for sabotaging Lyft, one of their competitors in the disruptive ride sharing market. To make a long story short they’ve hired people to “market” to Lyft drivers using what could be viewed as unethical tactics. The tactics include using burner phones and credit cards to request rides from Lyft drivers and pitch incentives to switch to UBER, resulting allegedly in thousands of cancelled rides. Basically, UBER marketing reps are pretending to be customers so that they can try and convince Lyft drivers to work for UBER instead.

There’s already been much debate about UBER’s tactics and whether they are fair, or ethical, but UBER should have thought this through more carefully. It’s tactics are likely to backfire on them for a number of reasons.

  • Scrutiny from regulators.

  • Scrutiny from customers

  • Awareness for Lyft

  • Damage To Sharing Economy as a Whole

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