12 Advancements in technology We LITERALLY Couldn’t Live Without in 2014


Do you even know how easy you have it these days? It’s about time to take a moment and appreciate the essential technology, heavy machinery, and show of innovation and progress we often take for granted. Imagine a world without…

1.  WiFi

2.  Phone Cameras

3.  Elevators

4.  Optical Lenses

**6 out of 10 people would not be able to read this sentence without them!

5.  Refrigerator

6.  Electricity

7.  Airplanes

8.  GPS

9.  Air Conditioning

10.  Printing Press

11.  Microwave

** How did people warm up their food before the microwave? Rub sticks and stones together?!

12.  Indoor Plumbing

There you have it… Technology is truly amazing.  We should all take a moment to appreciate the good things in life, and not dwell on the negatives.  After all, the mind is a power thing.


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