Why should I choose a repair shop that my insurance recommends when my buddy hooks me up at his shop..?



Well, that is if your auto insurance policy is with our Partner, Geico…

GEICO’s Auto Repair Xpress (ARX) program maximizes convenience.  At an ARX shop, you will receive priority treatment including a service experience that is second to none.  And luckily ICC Collision Centers in Avondale, Arizona is a participating shop in this very easy program for anyone that has been in a collision.

Many times you will get into a collision, that is not your fault, yet the other party does not want to assume responsibility.  This could put off your auto repairs for quite some time if you decide to fight this on your own and not use your insurance policy.  Although Geico does have a deductible with their policy, it is well worth your time and money to just bring your car to an auto repair xpress location, get your car repaired, and then allow Geico to fight the claim so that you will eventually, if the other party was in fact guilty, receive your deductible back once the claim is fought and hopefully won.  Regardless, if your car is not driveable, this is your best option for collision repair as a Geico policy holder.

Here’s How it works…

STEP 1: Drop Off
A GEICO claim adjuster will meet with you at the repair facility to:

  • Evaluate your vehicle’s damage.

  • Explain the repair process and answer your questions.

  • Arrange for you to leave your vehicle for repairs and go home in a rental vehicle*

STEP 2: Repair
As your car is being repaired, your adjuster will:

  • Facilitate the repair process directly with the shop to ensure speed and quality.

  • Keep you informed of your car’s repair status.

  • Perform a quality inspection of the completed repairs before you pick up your car.

STEP 3: Pick Up
When your car is fully repaired, you will:

  • Return to the repair facility in your rental car.

  • Receive copies of all repair documents, including your damage estimate.

  • Leave with the reassurance that GEICO and the repair facility guarantee the repairs for as long as you own your vehicl

Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicle will be available at the shop. You must have the appropriate coverage for GEICO to pay rental charges.

At ICC Collision Centers, we believe the customer comes first.  Although Geico has many repair locations, it will be well worth your time to have your car towed to ICC’s Avondale, Arizona location.

If you are a Geico Policy Holder, and you live in Arizona, choose ICC Collision Centers as your local shop.  Our reviews and turn around time are second to none.

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