What to Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car and Drives Off


None of us want to think about it, but what should we do if someone “hits” our parked car and “runs” away. It is important to follow the proper guidelines. Don’t let emotion get the best of you. Follow these tips for dealing with a hit-and-run.

“Insurance Coverages”

Most hit-and-runs will occur when no passengers are in the car. Thus, they would fit under the collision parameter of your insurance. This collision insurance will be used to repair the vehicle.

If people are hurt, then personal injury will apply. This covers pain and suffering and medical costs.

You will also be able to benefit if you can find the guilty party. Their liability insurance would offer coverage. Of course, finding the guilty party is the tough part.

Underinsured motorist insurance offers coverage when the guilty party has no insurance or less insurance than is needed to cover legal, medical and vehicle damage.

“Notify Authorities Immediately”

Parking lots can be a confusing space for accidents. You will need to collect evidence. Look for paint chips from the guilty vehicle. This can help you with the color of the other car.

Also, where did the damage occur on your vehicle? A truck will tend to go “over” a smaller vehicle. Find any witnesses that might have seen what happened. Take names and contact information.

Everyone has a cell phone today. Maybe, someone took a video that will pick up the accident. Store security cameras could also help. Check with management. Some stores will only allow the police to view their security videos.

Keep good records: time, place, and names. Collect as much information as possible. Call the police. They will file an official police report. A court trial will depend upon your accuracy in noting facts surrounding the accident. A hit-and-run can be traumatic, but that is why you have insurance.

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