Sales of Green Cars Down, but Great Strides in Fuel Economy


Now that the market for greener American cars finally is arriving, it looks a little different from what was expected….

Some green-vehicle technologies that looked like sure bets for the second half of this decade are lagging.

And some technologies that seemed like long shots seven model years ago have become viable.

Gaining strength in higher fuel economy:

**Diesel engines, aluminum bodies

Still a long shot:

**hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles.

Struggling to live up to expectations:

**electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

And the big-selling fuel-reducing technology of the moment has turned out to be a more efficient gasoline engine.

Read More about how the Automotive Industry will continue to change over the next few years.. 


Whatever the case, ICC Collision Centers has the Certified Technicians, the Best Technology and the Support of our communities and Manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve.  We will continue to watch as the game changes, and strive to be the best Collision Repair Facility in the States of Arizona and California..


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